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Sunday, December 28, 2008

White Chalk Crime™ : The REAL Reason Schools Fail

by Karen Horwitz, Editor and Founder of End Teacher Abuse website and organization

"White Chalk Crime" is a former teacher’s attempt to initiate real school reform by presenting testimony from over 140 award winning educators about a grave social ill plaguing our nation's schools - teacher abuse and its underlying issue White Chalk Crime™.

This book is a Trojan horse filled with words that will scale the EducRAT$' - those running our schools in self-serving ways - heretofore impenetrable moat designed to shut the public out of their "business." And business it is, as you will learn in this comprehensive discourse on what is really wrong with our schools. The raiding of our schools, which EducRAT controlled boards methodically conceal from the public, has generated a state of hypocrisy so profound that our students must use coping mechanisms with progressively more dangerous outcomes, contributing to the decline of our children and our future.

Nevertheless, few teachers speak of White Chalk Crime™ because they will suffer severe abuse if they dare protest or report this. Thus, this book also crystallizes the story of teacher abuse, the calculated use of psychological terror by educational leaders to squelch resistance from teachers, principled educators, or involved parents. It connects the public with the truth that corruption in Education thrives behind the backs of an intelligent citizenry due to the widespread use of this shameful, covert practice and constructs a framework for unraveling it. The truth offers all of Education's legitimate stakeholders the chance to win, while ensuring that all those harming our children will lose. In addition, it describes Horwitz' personal experience with abuse at Avoca School District, an affluent north suburban Chicago school district as well as her disillusioning journey through the courts of this nation, all the way to the United States Supreme Court. Other books have explained portions of what is wrong with our schools. This book puts the complex puzzle together for the first time, including the real role that unions play, and leaves readers empowered with solutions. After reading this book, much that is bewildering about our schools will make sense including: why our schools have fallen in ranking compared to schools all over this world; why home schooling has taken off in this country; why firing teachers is "impossible"; and even why so many teachers are having sex with students. This is a must read for anyone concerned about children and the future of our country. It carves the first authentic path for school reform.

New York is well represented as is Klein and even a few of your former leaders who are doing badly elsewhere! And the rubber room is featured, of course. How could it not be considering it embodies teacher abuse at its best!

If you are interested in preordering, please email me at so I will be sure to purchase enough books since once I run out, books will only be available via the website. Then send a check to:

Karen Horwitz
25 E. Superior St. #2904
Chicago, IL 60611
Any questions, please contact me.

From Betsy Combier: Karen Horwitz is a pioneer in waging a battle for teacher rights in Illinois - and America's - public schools. Everyone should rea her new book, and help expose what is going on throughout "the land of the formerly free".

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