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Saturday, September 10, 2011

ALERT for ATRs: Mandatory Recruitment Fairs

The New York City Board/Department of Education has scheduled hiring fairs in all boroughs and your attendance is MANDATORY.
Some ATR employees have received notice by mail, others know nothing about this.
The first step is to call the number below and/or your Human Resources Department asap!
Manhattan and Bronx are supposed to attend on September 13; Queens, Brooklyn and Staten Island attend either September 14 or 20 (I have been given both dates) so you must check the right date for you.
Dont be left out in the cold, call HR.

Betsy Combier



Anonymous said...

Why haven't the chapter leaders received this notification to involve the members?

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Betsy for alerting teachers about this.

I just talked with my Chapter Leader about this on Friday. And as the topic of mandatory attendance fairs did not come up, this suggests that they have not heard of these fairs.

It is incredible that the city putting on a show of having these fairs, as it is unfathomable that DOE principals will hire ATRs over cherished TFAs or newbies.