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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Michelle Rhee and Her Save The Teachers Video

Dear Betsy,
Video: Save Great Teachers In school, having a great teacher is the single most important factor in determining a student's success. Giving America's kids the best education in the world is only possible with the best teachers in the world.

States are being forced to make major cuts in education, with 45 states and the District of Columbia predicting huge budget shortfalls totaling $125 billion. And with these cuts our nation is at risk of losing some of our brightest, most effective teachers.

Right now in schools across the country, the last teacher hired has to be the first teacher fired, regardless of how good they are. A teacher's performance plays no role in who stays and who goes. This policy, based on seniority rather than effectiveness, is referred to as LIFO (Last In, First Out) -- and it is crippling our schools.

That's why we've launched the Save Great Teachers Campaign. Watch our video to learn more and pledge to get involved now:

Save Teachers Video

We can't afford to pull highly effective teachers out of America's classrooms. This is just the beginning of a very important campaign. In the next few weeks, we will ask you to take specific actions to engage with your legislators. We need your help to save great teachers.


Michelle Rhee
CEO and Founder


Rhee Diculous said...

Dear Michelle,

We the People of the United States, in order to form a more perfect Union, never place duct tape over the mouth's of children. Think more about what your husband does when you are away. Go back under that rock.

El Diablo said...

Rhee has to be kidding! Last I heard if she not resigned, she would have been investigated for child abuse, stemming from the stories she told young recruits in the Teach for America Program about taping the mouths of black children in her 2nd grade classroom. Rhee is an education hustler knows how to work the reactionary philanthropic donors to support a life style she had grown accustomed to as Chancellor of Washington DC Public Schools.

Polo Colon said...

These Rhee-marks verify her failure as an administrator!

Her track record shows that she is indeed an education pimp and it is a wonder how so many people even give her the time of day.

Let her join the ranks of Klein, Bloomberg, Duncan and Black as the most supremely incompetent so-called administrators accelerating the decline of education in America!

Shame on all of them and those that follow them!