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Saturday, May 16, 2015

FACES: Adrienne Hadaway

Adrienne Hadaway

Adrienne Hadaway

Education Analyst, Office of Teacher Recruitment and Quality, New York City Department of Education

NYC Department of Education
NYC Department of Education,
Upland Rehabilitation & Care Center,
Peace Corps

The New School

Master of Science (M.S.), Urban Policy Analysis and Management

Awarded Peace Corps Volunteer Fellowship scholarship
Concentration in Education Policy and Quantitative Methods
Activities and Societies: Returned Peace Corps Volunteer group
(Open)3 projects
(Open)9 courses

Education Analyst with the New York City Department of Education (NYCDOE) within the Office of Teacher Recruitment and Quality (TRQ). Recent Master of Science grad from The New School – Urban Policy Analysis and Management with a concentration in Education Policy. Returned Peace Corps Volunteer and Peace Corps Fellow (Bulgaria 2010-2012). 

Strengths include project building, management, and evaluation; quantitative research and analysis; data visualization and report writing (policy and informational reports); community development; and education. 

Committed to improving the academic opportunities for low-income students through equitable policy and programs using data-driven research, community outreach, and program creation and evaluation.

Though I currently work in NYC and enjoy the challenges associated with working in this large and complicated urban setting, I am also interested in returning to the West Coast and working in LA, SF, or Seattle.

California State University-San Bernardino

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), Education
Also completed a one-year credentialing program to receive a Preliminary Multiple-Subject Teaching Credential. This involved student teaching in both lower- and upper-elementary grades and extensive coursework. We were placed in low-income schools throughout Southern California and encouraged to consider how culture and language affects student learning and to incorporate the diverse backgrounds of each students into our lesson planning.


Education Analyst

NYC Department of Education
 – Present (7 months)

Education Officer

NYC Department of Education
 – Present (1 year 2 months)

Teacher Staffing Associate

NYC Department of Education
   (7 months)Office of Teacher Recruitment and Quality - 65 Court St. Brooklyn, NY11201
Assist principals in The Bronx in obtaining highly qualified candidates for their teacher vacancies

Assist in the planning, implementation, and assessment of Teacher Recruitment Fairs

Generate Vacancy Reports bi-weekly to inform office of staffing needs by borough, district, school, and certification area

Use current and past data to analyze staffing needs (all boroughs)
-Determine high-needs schools
-Create and implement targeting strategies for these schools
-Analyze the overlap between the efforts of our office and the hiring choices and practices of 
public schools throughout the city

Utilize and manipulate data sets in order to inform policy and planning decisions for a variety of purposes including website design, improved pre-screening processes for teacher candidates, event planning, etc.


Upland Rehabilitation & Care Center
   (5 months)
Worked as a liaison for patients in the rehab department which included purchasing items, advocating for their needs, and coordinating activities

Created and maintained the company's social media platform including website content and weekly blog postings. In addition, I worked on special projects that included marketing and fundraising

TEFL Volunteer

Peace Corps
   (2 years 3 months)Momin Prohod, Bulgaria
Used a variety of instructional strategies and resources to respond to students’ diverse needs including problem solving, critical thinking, and other activities that incorporate of variety of learning styles; Facilitated learning experiences that promote autonomy, interaction, and choice by promoting self-directed, reflective learning for all students; Designed short-term & long-term lesson plans to foster student learning that draws on their backgrounds, interests, culture, and student needs while establishing and articulating goals for student learning; Took part in training and practical work to become a TEFL instructor (Teaching English as a Foreign Language)

Wrote grants for the construction of a new English classroom; Planned and taught adult English courses; Worked with a host-country national counterparts in order to exchange knowledge, skills, and ideas during two years of Peace Corps service

Developed and organized activities for students in both pre-school and after-school programs; Designed, implemented, and assessed youth camps designed to promote skills in international affairs; Organized committee of female students to volunteer, fund-raise, and organize community outreach projects; Implemented a multiple-school spelling bee; Organized youth sports tournaments between neighboring communities


NYC Food and Fitness Partnership(Link)

Created a program analysis for the Bed-Stuy Restoration Corporation regarding food security in Central Brooklyn. The focus involved youth, local schools, and Head Start. My team and I interviewed several stakeholders from local non-profits, Head Start, CSAs, local community gardens, as well as large organizations such as GrowNYC and Green Youth Markets. We researched current policy shifts within...more

Policy Analysis for Council Member Gail Brewer

Worked as a part of a team to create an in-depth policy analysis regarding wheelchair accessibility in the Upper West Side. Analysis involved several stakeholders including government agencies such as the DOT, DOB, the Landmark Preservation Committee; advocacy groups for disabled citizens; local business owners; and policy and law professionals. Federal, state, and local laws were reviewed, well-...more
3 team members
  • Adrienne Hadaway
    Adrienne Hadaway
    Education Analyst, Office of Teacher Recruitment and Quality, New York City Department of Education
  • James Subudhi
    James Subudhi
    Legislative Policy Analyst at The New York City Council
  • Alison Miller
    Alison Miller
    M.S. Urban Policy Analysis and Management

Policy Analysis of eco- and ethno-responsible tourism in Colombia

Charged with analyzing national and local tourism policy for the town of Riosucio, located within the coffee-growing region of Colombia as part of the International Affairs Program with The New School. After review of tourism policy as well as indigenous rights, criteria and policy options were formed to support the analysis. Each resguardo (4 indigenous local neighborhoods) were represented with...more
2 team members

FACES: Charles Peeples

Charles Peeples

Charles Peeples

Executive Director Office of Field and Information Services at NYC Department of Education

Executive Director, Office of Field and Information Services

NYC Department of Education
 – Present (3 years 3 months)65 Court Court, Brooklyn, NY 11201

HR Director

New York City Dept of Education
 – Present (35 years 4 months)