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Wednesday, September 7, 2022

Re-Organization Of The NYC Department of Education Starts the New "Rubber Schools" For 2022-2023


Chancellor David Banks

Sometimes I laugh at what I read from the Department of Education's Press Office, other times I despair at the ridiculousness of their deceit.

Take the new announcement of a re-organization, where people in so-called "leadership" positions are now reassigned so that resources may be used in a more 'effective' way, whatever that means. 

See NYC DOE District Leadership

I heard from last school year's rubber roomers that they are being assigned to home duty while this reorganization is going on. The rubber rooms still exist, but they are hidden.

Anyone who was granted a religious exemption from getting the COVID vaccine will keep this exemption and work remotely with all benefits until June 2023.

Anyone who was granted a medical exemption has until December 31, 2022 to get the vaccine. That is the date for medical exemptions to expire.

Mayor Adams has insisted that the COVID Mandate which says that anyone who works in a school must be vaccinated will remain in force. Parents of children in the NYC DOE can go to the school for events at any time, and no vaccination needed.

I call the new reassignment centers "rubber schools" in honor of the "rubber rooms" fame. These rubber schools are buildings where people with exemptions work on their assignments, whatever they might be. The Annex at PS 128 in Queens was a rubber school last year. People with exemptions called this their workplace for the 2022-2023 school year.

Evidently the NYC DOE no longer rents these places for people who are reassigned, and new locations are being sought for what could be hundreds of employees. People who are currently reassigned are told to sit at home and to call in every morning until the new places are found.

What is a "rubber school"? First everyone I am pretty sure has heard of the NYC rubber rooms. These are rooms, or parts of rooms or offices where employees of the Department sit and do nothing relating to their license while awaiting vindication at 3020-a or, settlement.

The NYC DOE is, in my opinion, a mess. There is too much money in the hands of too few people with no accountability for ignoring human rights, budgetary guidelines or rules, and the laws of New York, State and City.

Betsy Combier

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The re-assignment of approx. $100,000,000 in resources is a result of Chancellor Banks’ focus on putting Department of Education directly in support of students and schools. 


Email for Chancellor Banks:,gov

NEW YORK - New York City Schools Chancellor David C. Banks today announced that approximately 1,000 staff members and $100,000,000 in associated resources will be reassigned from the Department’s Central Division and Borough-Citywide Offices to more closely support schools where they are and invest the resources that they need. This re-organization will bring staff closer to the communities, schools, students, and teachers that they serve. This includes deploying over 100 social workers to district offices to support students and families – with a specific focus on high-need communities like students in temporary housing. The approximately 1,000 staff are being reassigned and reorganized to maximize the instructional, socio-emotional and operational support available for students, community-based organizations, partners and schools from early childhood and beyond.

“Our Administration continues to be clear in our primary purpose – we are going to do what is best for young people at every turn. As we continue the work to reimagine the education we provide, it is critical that our central and borough staff are moving closer to the communities, schools, students, and teachers they serve,” said Schools Chancellor David C. Banks. “Our Superintendents are accountable for partnering with families and schools to meet the needs of their communities and improve the school experience of our students, and these personnel are being reassigned to support those efforts.”

It is this Administration’s ongoing priority to meet schools where they are with the resources they need; the reassignment of central and borough staff members brings resources closer to where they are needed in schools. Support personnel will be reassigned from Central School Leadership, First Deputy Chancellor, and Early Childhood Divisions, and from the Borough Citywide Offices to more effectively support schools in coordination with District Superintendents. In addition to the city's ongoing commitment to moving supports and resources closer to schools, the Administration is also keeping its commitment to identifying efficiencies across Central, reducing 300 central and field vacancies in FY22 and FY23.

Our 45 new and returning New York City public school District Superintendents began on July 1 and are tasked with implementing Chancellor Banks’ “Vision for Transforming and Building Trust in New York City Public Schools.” In partnership with families and their school communities, the Superintendent’s immediate goal is to ensure that every school receives the support needed to be fully prepared for a strong start to the 2022-23 school year.


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