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Sunday, March 26, 2017

Job Opening for a Manager of Teacher Effectiveness Design at the NYC DOE

You, too, can get a job getting rid of teachers after they are observed for 15 minutes!!!

On Linkedin, Glassdoor, Indeed, the following opportunity is listed for a Teacher Effectiveness Design Manager.

I'd love to know what training there is for how to get rid of a tenured teacher in 15 minutes. My email is below, anyone!!!

Betsy Combier

Manager, Teacher Effectiveness Design

New York City Department of Education . – New York, NY
Position Summary: The Manager, Teacher Effectiveness Design drives policy decision-making and program implementation for an ongoing citywide program to implement the NYCDOE teacher development and evaluation system which supports school leaders in meeting the expectations of the Framework for Great Schools. This includes efforts to manage the design and delivery of training and resources for school and school support staff. The work will ensure that school leaders are calibrated to a common understanding of teacher quality as defined by components in the Danielson Framework for Teaching, and that they understand how to incorporate student learning outcomes into teacher evaluation.
The Manager will support the development of, and provide day-to-day management oversight for: trainings and resources for school and school support staff, tools to support school leaders in calibrating their observations to the Danielson Framework for Teaching, and will also manage the design of the professional development needed throughout the system, providing differentiated supports to users. In addition, the Manager will lead video calibration projects and pilot programs for the office, coordinating the production of classroom videos that illustrate DOE teacher and principal competencies, as well as developing proposals and managing project plans to support new teacher effectiveness projects. Performs related work.
Reports to: Director, Teacher Effectiveness Design
Direct Reports: Design Associate and project staff, or consultants assigned to create professional development materials.
Key Relationships: Works with Division of Teaching and Learning staff and other internal and external offices, as required.
·        Leads strategic initiatives as assigned by the Director, Teacher Effectiveness Design.
·        Oversees special functions and activities, and assigns projects to various staff for research, analyses, and implementation.
·        Prepares internal data analysis reports for senior leadership which may be confidential in nature.
·        Interprets data analyses, in order to identify actionable policy recommendations.
·        Provides training and knowledge/skills assessment on program topics, including:
·        application and use of components of Danielson Framework for Teaching, including training on the effective application of the Framework to observe and give feedback on a teacher’s practice;
·        evidence-based classroom observation and feedback; and
·        application and use of tools that support the teacher development and evaluation process.
·        Oversees the creation and delivery of training for schools, internal and external partners, engaging with vendors to develop content and delivery mechanisms and leveraging technology wherever possible.
·        Drives decision-making for Teacher Effectiveness (TE) and policy around teacher development and evaluation by advising senior leaders in TE and the DTL on the creation of resources in areas surrounding teacher and school leader effectiveness, including effective feedback protocols, time management and scheduling protocols, observation protocols, and student assessment protocols.
·        Leads the coordination and capture of the video team processes and other projects, as needed, including:
·        overseeing production plans and project plans to ensure productivity and efficiency;
·        supervising the Design Associate to create communication and registration protocols;
·        developing and implementing a data analysis process to regularly analyze data to inform support, intervention, and policy decision-making;
·        collaborating with TE operations staff on vendor management to ensure effective program implementation and compliance with DOE policies and procedures;
·        managing the collection and analysis of feedback from stakeholders and learner progress in the system to continually improve projects.
·        Drives decision-making on enhancements to the online learning platform, WeTeach, which is designed to support school leaders with providing resources to teachers aligned to their specific developmental goals and areas of growth.
·        Advises senior leaders in TE and the DTL regarding policy development related to teacher development and evaluation, including scope, sequence, and types of trainings offered.Manages consultants and temporary staff, as needed.

Qualification Requirements:
1.      A master’s degree from an accredited college in a field related to the position and three (3) years of full-time progressively responsible professional experience in education administration in one or more education-related areas, at least eighteen (18) months of which must have been in a managerial capacity; or
2.      Graduation from an accredited college with a baccalaureate degree and four (4) years of full-time progressively responsible professional experience, as described in “1”; or
3.      A satisfactory combination of education and/or experience which is equivalent to “1” above including teaching experience towards meeting the general experience in “1” above; however, all candidates must have the eighteen (18) months of managerial experience.
·        Committed belief that teacher effectiveness is the key lever for improving student outcomes.
·        Working knowledge of the DOE.
·        Excellent project management and organizational skills, and experience bringing complex initiatives to successful completion.
·        Proactive and takes initiative.
·        Strong analytical skills
·        Superior writing skills.
·        Exceptional strategic, flexible and nimble critical thinking skills.
·        Superior adult facilitation skills.
·        Ability to work independently and manage multiple responsibilities simultaneously.
·        Outstanding interpersonal and teamwork skills.
·        Ability to critically assess challenges and identify effective solutions.
·        Flexible with evolving roles/responsibilities.
·        Strong working knowledge of Microsoft Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and the Internet.
·        Internal candidates preferred.
Salary: $71,764+
(Internal candidates who are selected for this position and who currently hold comparable or less senior positions within the DOE will not make less than their current salary.)
Please include a resume and cover letter with your application.
Applications will be accepted through April 7, 2017 until 3:00 p.m.
NOTE: The filling of all positions is subject to budget availability and/or grant funding.
It is the policy of the Department of Education of the City of New York to provide educational and employment opportunities without regard to race, color, religion, creed, ethnicity, national origin, alienage, citizenship status, age, marital status, partnership status, disability, sexual orientation, gender (sex), military status, prior record of arrest or conviction (except as permitted by law), predisposing genetic characteristics, or status as a victim of domestic violence, sexual offenses and stalking, and to maintain an environment free of harassment on any of the above-noted grounds, including sexual harassment or retaliation. Inquiries regarding compliance with this equal opportunity policy may be directed to: Office of Equal Opportunity, 65 Court Street, Room 1102, Brooklyn, New York 11201, or visit the OEO website at

Required Skills

Required Experience

Job Location

Santiago ("Santi") Taveras is Demoted/Removed As Principal at DeWitt Clinton High School For Misconduct, But Gets a Higher Salary. Payoff?

I can almost hear the despair of Carmen Farina behind closed doors at the stupidity of Santiago ("Santi") Taveras. She placed him in one of the New York City Department of Education failing Renewal Schools - ALL the Renewal Schools are failing as well as the program/policy itself - namely DeWitt Clinton HS, thinking that his dumb moves would or could be excused, if someone found out and exposed it, by blaming it on the program itself rather than him, personally. He is protected. I call his actions the "arrogance of immunity".

Here is the OSI report on Taveras' misconduct:
Taveras OSI Report
He knows too much, so the Department will never fire him which might force him to reveal his little black book.
Santiago ("Santi") Taveras

Carmen as usual misunderstood the media, the public, and the distaste for wrongdoing that she enjoys. For her, doing things the "right" way means taking alot of time to follow rules and procedures, which Carmen never has. When grades are changed, when records of attendance, class assignments and numbers of IEP students in ICT classes can be erased and replaced, that's good and fast. All Carmen has to do is have a statement of fake news to accompany whatever the fraud/forgery is.

Santi is all over the internet. But he will never be fired, because that would mean a probable lawsuit, and he would name names of "important people" at the DOE who told him to do whatever he could to make them look good. I betcha he has been promised immunity for his wrong-doing more than a few times. My opinion.

Pushing for Change, Bronx Principal Is Undone by Investigation

Santiago Taveras

The Career of Santiago ("Santi") Taveras Comes Hopefully To A Crashing Stop

De Witt Clinton High School Principal Santiago "Santi" Taveras Removed From His Position

The random and arbitrary protection of certain individuals in the public arena who are paid with public money, is disgusting, unfair, and a liability for the Department when exposed. Let's start getting this system straightened out.

Let's get rid of the main protector first, Carmen Farina.

The New York City Rubber Room Anti-Teacher Charging Process Shows How Corrupt the Carmen Farina-Bill De Blasio Department of Education Really Is. by Betsy Combier

A Question For Carmen Farina, NYC Chancellor: Where is the Money?

The Arrogance of Immunity and the "Resignation" -or Retirement - of NYC DOE Deputy Chancellor Carmen Farina

Betsy Combier

Principal in grade-fixing scandal loses gig — but spared ax

, NY POST, March 26, 2017

Veteran educator Santiago Taveras has been stripped of his high-profile job as principal of DeWitt Clinton HS — one of the biggest schools in Mayor de Blasio’s stumbling “Renewal” program — but spared the ax for academic misconduct.
Taveras was demoted to “educational administrator,” with a $5,000 pay cut from $154,826 to $149,826.
“Mr. Taveras is no longer a principal,” a DOE spokesman said.
Taveras changed the grades of students from failing to passing without the knowledge or consent of their teachers, and threatened an assistant principal who refused to pass a student who didn’t deserve it, a city probe found.
A report by the city’s Special Commissioner of Investigation quotes a school source saying that Taveras “may have made more than 900” grade changes over three years, but mentions no effort to probe that accusation. The Department of Education would not comment.
Taveras agreed to pay a $5,000 fine for “academic impropriety.”
Based in a Bronx field office, Taveras will “develop and implement strategies to improve school climate and promote positive behavior among students,” the DOE said.
Last school year, Taveras collected $198,150 — $48,000 on top of his salary. Officials would not explain the extra payments. He did not return messages.
Taveras’ downfall is an embarrassing blow for the mayor’s Renewal program, which is pumping an extra $754 million into struggling schools. The program started in 2014 with 96 schools, including DeWitt Clinton, but after closings and mergers will continue with 78 in the fall.
Known as “Santi,” the burly, boisterous ex-deputy chancellor under Mayor Bloomberg took the principal’s job in 2013 to save the declining high school, once a powerhouse with star alumni like attorney William Kuntsler, actor Judd Hirsch and playwright Neil Simon.
Supporters say Taveras injected new energy and school spirit, while getting rid of scores of teachers he deemed ineffective.
“He was gung ho about bringing Clinton back, and we were so disappointed when we heard what happened,” said John Barbarette, a 1964 graduate and president of the alumni association.
Clinton’s academic performance remains poor. Last year, only 46 percent of seniors graduated, with 19 percent deemed college-ready.
In November 2015, an anonymous whistleblower sent SCI records of four cases in which Taveras changed grades. The Post exposed the tampering and Taveras’ installation of a shower for his personal use.
In one case, Taveras changed a girl’s failing grade of 55 in physical education to a passing 65, and a “no-show” in global history to 75. The history teacher told probers the girl had “horrendous” attendance, and failed to complete even a make-up assignment.
Another student admitted she rarely attended or completed assignments in a summer algebra class. Taveras changed her failing 55 to 65, telling SCI she passed the Regents exam. But DOE academic policy says Regents exams may not be the only reason a student passes or fails a course.
Taveras asked an assistant principal whether any changes could be made for a student who failed algebra with a rock-bottom 45. The AP found the student was absent much of the semester and did not complete the course work — and told Taveras nothing could be done.
Two days later, he ordered the AP to speak with the student’s teacher about a way to “fix” the grade. The teacher agreed to raise the grade if the student completed a packet of work. But when the student turned it in, “everything was wrong.” The AP refused to change the kid’s grade.
Soon after, Taveras gave the AP an “unsatisfactory” rating for the year, but promised to reverse it to a “satisfactory” if the AP left. When the AP joined another school, Taveras drafted an “S” rating and backdated it.