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Saturday, April 11, 2020

NYC v Cuomo: NYC Public Schools Will Remain Closed Through the End of June 2020..or, Maybe They Will Re-Open

The Mayor and Chancellor made the only decision that was right, namely to close all public schools in NYC through June 2020, especially considering the fact that they have been criticized for delaying the closing of the schools.

THEN Governor Andrew Cuomo stepped in an told us that that the Mayor and Chancellor's "opinion" may not be what happens, 'cause it is up to him, THE GOVERNOR to decide. De Blasio and Cuomo are both Democrats, so this is not a Democrat-Republican fight, but it still shows the ugly side of politics. If Cuomo decides to open schools, and the COVID-19 death/hospitalization rate does not continue to fall, then it's on him to be the bad guy.

Please, folks, let's all work hard to support everyone of all ages, religions, ages and race through these very hard times. Don't fall for scams and shams or false news, go with your gut, and empower yourself to make wise decisions. Reach out to people you trust or those who have information that can help you.

Stay safe and follow social distancing!

Betsy Combier,
Editor, NYC Rubber Room Reporter
Editor, New York Court Corruption
Editor, National Public Voice
Editor, NYC Public Voice
Editor, Inside 3020-a Teacher Trials 

Mayor de Blasio orders city schools closed for rest of the year: ‘It is painful, but it will save lives’

APR 11, 2020

Mayor de Blasio on Saturday ordered all city schools closed for the remainder of the school year as the coronavirus pandemic continues its stranglehold on the five boroughs.

“We will not be able to bring our schools back before the end of the school year,” de Blasio said in a video press conference. “There was nothing easy about this decision.”

Last month, De Blasio ordered city schools closed until April 20 after spring break, but the mayor said over the last few weeks that goal became more and more unattainable.

“It is painful, but it will save lives and guarantee that the strategies that we have put in place are working,” de Blasio said about the social distancing rules to tamp down the spread of the virus. “They need time to continue to be effective.”
City schools should be able to reopen in September, he said.

Online classes will continue, with more educators, support for parents, and expanded hours added to the remote learning system, de Blasio said.

More creative at-home programming will also be coming out in the next few weeks, he said.