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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Queens UFT Liaison to the Re-assignment Center is Threatened by an SCI Investigator

During the 2007-2008 school year, temporary re-assignment centers (TRCs) began electing a member at each site as a liaison, to assist the UFT in helping members who were re-assigned.

One of the duties of the on-site liaison is to inform all members that they should not meet with any investigator without a UFT representative present. When an investigator arrives at a site, the investigator should give a business card to the member whose case is being investigated and then the member should contact the UFT district office and the UFT rep. will set up a date for the interview.

On friday June 19, investigator Jack Lacherra didn't agree with the Queens liaison.

I was sent the email below:

"Over the weekend I was informed by a member of the Queens TRC that the elected liaison was threatened by SCI investigator Jack Lacherra with obstructing an investigation and that further 3020-a charges would be proffered against him.

What did the liaison do to warrant such abuse by the SCI investigator? The liaison informed the teacher, subject to the SCI investigation, that SCI was at the TRC to see him and that the union's position was that he not talk with him without a representative from the UFT. In other words the liaison was doing his duty in informing the teacher of the union's position when talking to SCI.

This attack on a union member by SCI is unforgivable.

SCI investigators should be reprimanded if they overstep their authority by threatening a member who is obeying the rules. This is an abuse of power both in attempting to harass the elected liaison into silence as well as ignoring teacher due process rights in a faulty investigation.

SCI must not be allowed to bully and intimidate the democratically elected liaison without consequence, as it is only a matter of time that the school's Chapter Leaders will not be able to advise their members without the threat of interferring with an investigation and 3020-a charges."