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Sunday, September 19, 2010

ALERT! Klein Tells Principals To Give Teachers Letters In Their Files, Then A U-Rating

The post below came from the School Administrator's Chatboard:

Post: Chancellor Klein and Letters in File

Posted by: Veteran Principal on 9/18/10

Chancellor Klein is pressuring us to give teachers letters in the file. Then we are to give any teacher with a letter in the file a "U" rating for the year. This is preposterous. I was going to give one teacher a LIF for a
minor violation of a chancellor's regulation. I changed it to a counselling memo. I urge you to do the same, or just not give out LIFs.

Re: Chancellor Klein and Letters in File

On 9/19/10, Sheri wrote:

> Seriously now, are you an administrator? Don't you have any

> qualms about posting something like this anonymously online?

> If a staff member commits an infraction that rises to the

> level of a LIF, don't you think their work performance is

> unsatisfactory?

Posted by: Veteran Principal on 9/19/10

Not every infraction makes work performance unsatisfactory. Some principals who I know have given LIF for such things as sending a child to the bathroom during the last period, or having a parent come into the room. These do not warrant an unsatisfactory rating.
As administrators, our role is to foster education. Part of that is supporting our staff, not attacking them. If you think that playing a game of "Gotcha" makes a good administrator, then you should resign, as you do not know what makes a good principal or educator.