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Friday, October 28, 2011

Toxic Co-Workers

From me: A little bit of a "oh yea, I know what you mean" post for which I get no payment or otherwise from the company, I think the toxic worker terms are interesting, that's all. (I'm not selling the book)

Toxic co-workers destroying your health, productivity and career?
 An amazingly simple strategy softens the "rant" of a Tyrant Boss who bullies, berates, humiliates and declares "my way or the highway."
  • The Saboteur. Often driven by envy, this person works behind your back to slander and sabotage you. Devious and hard to catch – unless you know the secret!
  • The Space Cadet. Not from Mars, although their behavior is often out of this world: absent-minded, inefficient, poor judgment. Usually pleasant, but simply can’t get the job done. Here's how to change all that …
  • The Power Posturer. Loves power and makes all the right moves to get you to believe that he or she wields tremendous influence. POOF – you can shrink them down to size.
  • The Peddler. Always selling raffle tickets or cookies to co-workers. Here's a gentle way to shut down the workplace bazaar.
  • The Bulldozer. Pushy, abrasive, aggressive and overly blunt. Learn how to stand your ground without getting flattened.
  • The Button Pusher. This sneaky type gets what they want by subtly exploiting the weaknesses of others. Discover their Achilles heel!
  • The Coaster. Hasn't done anything in months. Drags down the team's performance. Here's how to get them rolling again.
  • The Lifer. Been with the company forever, but quit caring ages ago. Use this simple tactic to bring them back to life.
  • The Petty Bureaucrat. Frustrated by a low-level position, this troublemaker takes pleasure in creating obstacles for others. But now, the jig's up!
  • The Malignant. Truly twisted. When you're up against someone so ready to lie, steal and cheat, here's exactly what you must do – and fast.
  • The Sexual Harasser. Two types: (1) the flirt who goes too far, and (2) the heavy-duty harasser out to overpower his victims. Either way, here's how to handle them both!
  • The Undercover Operator. Always smiling and telling you how great it is to work with you, until this snake-in-the-grass strikes. Three strategies expose – and defang – this operator's agenda.
  • The Credit Grabber. Don’t let a “mind-pirate” steal all your glory. 

You’re done pulling out your hair. You’re going to pull out theirs: Ms. Perfectionist and Mr. Put-Down Artist – bald. The Coaster, Space Cadet and Saboteur – bald, bald, and bald! Then, you’re going to push the ultimate button and send the rest of those nasty, lazy, dumb-and-dumber people into orbit.

The Tyrant.