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Monday, May 19, 2014

Secret Emails About Office of Special Investigations Being in Chaos

From Betsy Combier:
It seems that Candace McLaren, Director of OSI (pictured below) is not very popular at her office, and she doesn't seem to be able to keep track of cases. Now we know why some cases are left unresolved and why people spend years in a rubber room. OSI lost the case somewhere!
Candace McLaren
I was interested in reading about what happens when Francesco Portelos and/or I file a Freedom of Information request for emails which may mention our names.....OSI wants their staff to put us in emails as "FP" and "BC" so we cant get the emails.

Finally, the few sentences about former OSI investigator Lawrence Scott III is extremely interesting!! I wonder if he was sleeping with a principal? and who was this person??

The secret emails sent to me follow below. Enjoy.


Lawrence Scott III and his wife Yolanda


"How much does everyone hate working at OSI for Candace McLaren, Chris Dalton and Norris Knowles? You will find emails enclosed that demonstrate their incompetence . The emails show that cases are lost all the time and that they have no idea who cases were assigned to or where the files are.
Dalton and Knowles know nothing about investigations or regulations and constantly give the wrong advice and information to investigators. Then they blame the investigators when the case is done wrong.  Knowles blames everyone but himself and nobody even knows how he got his job.  He makes $100,000 per year for doing nothing but talking on the phone all day long and preaching about the bible.  He worked at ATU for two years them somehow became Associate Director of OSI? Nobody knows what he does or how he was or is qualified.
Dalton is a loser who sat on his ass for 35 years at OSI and did nothing and does nothing.  How does that make him qualified to be the deputy director of an investigative unit? He is ignorant, harassing, and nasty.
Where are Chris Dalton's buddies all day long? Look in the OSI log book for the last few years to see where Gerry Danko, Dennis Boyles, and Jamel Boyer have
been. (Jamel Boyer resigned last month). They sign out in the book and claim that they go to these schools. Maybe they do and their names will be signed in at those schools. But why don't you ask them what they did when they got to the school?  Did they do many interviews thereby honestly working the rest of their hours that day? No. They come into the office at 7 or 8 and then leave at 11to serve subjects at schools with 48-hour notices which takes all of about ten seconds. Then they go home. In a city vehicle. Chris's buddies haven't done a full
8 hour day of work at OSI ever . But Chris singled out one person, a gay woman, and harassed her about signing out in the log book and then failing to go to those schools for a week. But he never said anything to his friends about the same thing. And what took Chris Dalton so long to notice Jamie Barton's log book discrepancies? This went on and goes on under his ignorant nose everyday.
Chris Dalton only has two responsibilities: Every two weeks he checks Cybershift. And when investigators leave OSI, he reassigns their cases --when he gets around to it. When Cls leave OSI (all the time) their cases sit in Chris's office for months before he reassigns them. Ask Cls how long Chris sat on their cases before he reassigned them. Some sat in his office for six months before he bothered to reassign them!
Why does Chris Dalton have a city vehicle to use for his commute but for nothing else? He never does any work outside the office. Once a year Mclaren sends him to a school with a Cl so it looks like he needs a car . But he just uses it to commute on the tax payers dime.
This year, a gay female Cl, a black female Cl, and a black female secretary told
Chris Dalton that former investigator G....H made racist and homophobic comments to them. Dalton pulled the women into a conference room and
implied that they were lying. He demanded examples of H....'s comments, but when the women had difficulty explaining, Dalton rolled his eyes and said they were being too sensitive. He did report H to OEO, but later that day on his way out,he gave H a big high-five right in front of the three women!
Ask A B if anyone reported Chris's constant harassment to her. They did. She acted enraged but did nothing. She pretends she passed the New York bar exam, but she didn't. She is not licensed to practice in NY. She also does not carry a caseload which the ad for her job on the DOE website said she would carry. I wonder why? Because she is too stupid.

What happened to Investigator Lawrence Scott? Mclaren made sure to tell everyone that he was fired by SCI because he was having an affair with a principal who was a subject in one of his cases. She knew about this but covered for him.


At a staff meeting right after he was fired Mclaren announced that if any of us
see Lawrence, we should tell him that "we miss him and wish him the best." Then she sent the incompetent J B to his house to ask him questions about his
unfinished cases .
We have been told by Mclaren that when we send emails about Francisco Portelos and Betsy Combier we should call them by their initials "FP" and "BC" so that when they FOIL the emails they won't get them.

The three idiots have had meetings about raising office morale. They talk to us like we' re garbage and everyone spends the whole day searching for other jobs. Ten investigators left OSI at the end of 2012 and the beginning of 2013 and some left without giving notice because that's how much they hate Mclaren. This year so far 2 investigators left: one left without notice and the other gave only one week . They couldn't wait to get away from her. Mclaren uses all caps when she "grades" our reports in red ink and the reports are returned covered in red criticizing our writing and grammar making us feel like scolded school children.

She is a vengeful angry troll.