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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Glenn Storman Prosecuted Again, Sues Josephine Marsella and Dennis Boyles

After reading the New York Times article on Glenn Storman (see my previous posting, "Teacher Glenn Storman Wins in Court After Fighting the NYC BOE on False Corporal Punishment Charges"), I realized that this could be a bigger story than what was printed there. It most certainly is. The remand back to the NYC BOE for another hearing was followed by new charges and another federal lawsuit, this time filed not only against the New York City BOE, but PS 212 Principal Josephine Marsella and OSI investigator Dennis Boyles.

The Storman case could change everything in terms of the "Gotcha Squad" and the "rubberization" process, defined as the process in which "The Chancellor's Committee" works with Principals and pretend investigators to destroy people who say anything about them, their school(s), or the harm going on perpetrated by administrators gone wild.

Former Deputy Chancellors Andres Alonso (pictured at right) and Marcia Lyles (pictured below) agreed with the "U" as they always do, to support whatever charge is made without witness testimony and/or evidence.

The best way to get an overview of where the case stands right now and the ridiculous antics of the Bloomberg/Klein bunch in the matter of Glenn Storman is to read the Report and Recommendation of District Court Judge Andrew Peck.

Glenn Storman, is a tenured teacher and Guidance Counselor who has worked for the NYC BOE for 28 years. He was accused of corporal punishment and found guilty by the Principal based upon an allegation of student A, who he reprimanded for cursing at his classroom teacher. Student A told classmates that he would "get" Mr. Storman for waving a rolled up piece of paper near his face and telling him to stop [cursing]. A few days later the father met with Principal Marsella and told her that Mr. Storman had "inserted a piece of paper into Student A's mouth for the purpose of obtaining sexual pleasure". When OSI investigator Dennis Boyles came to the school to "investigate", Student A was not at school that day and was not interviewed. Mr. Storman then sued the New York City Board of Education in federal court for giving him a "U" rating and accusing him of corporal punishment without proof.

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