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Tuesday, February 15, 2011


An email is making the rounds through the online underground, and I am re-posting it below so that all ATRs can be aware of this (I dont know if it is true or not):

Please pass this on!!! An ATR came in for an interview last week at the school where I am presently teaching We struck up a conversation and they informed me that the DOE is now sending out random MANDATORY interview notices that are being sent DIRECTLY to your DOE email even if you are working and have a full schedule(which this person did)!

If you are like me, I am working and I rarely check it because I am working! It turns out that if you miss three to four of these notices the DOE is using that against ATRs to fire them on the grounds that they are resisting attempts to obtain permanent employment! It is my understanding that some ATRs have already fallen victim to this "scam"! Please let others know since we must be vigilant because the DOE is not playing around when it comes to teachers in general and ATRs in particular!