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Monday, July 1, 2013

NYC Mayor Mike Bloomberg's Star Chamber is The NYC Department of Education

Below is a post from NYC Educator, one of my favorite bloggers, with just the right amount of sarcasm and humor for the reader to see through whatever Mayor Bloomberg says and does. Now we can add to the laughable ones Sen. Ruben Diaz, who obviously wants some reward for pandering to our soon-to-be-gone-but-not-soon-enough-Mayor. Let's make sure to vote him out of office in the next election, folks.

Of course the Mayor, Dennis Walcott and all the other political tail-riders want to fire teachers who they think are guilty of something. That's why they set up the sham 3020-a process with the UFT and NYSUT.

Only now, people are talking about the violations of law and fact that brought good people to the sudden end of their careers, and the "legacy" of Bloomberg, Dennis Walcott, and the Tweed team will be far different than what they thought it would be, despite the help from so-called "reporter" Ben Chapman of the Daily News. Mr. Chapman has never heard of a "good" teacher who did not have sex with a minor child in the school, steal, or lie and cheat. If you are charged, Ben says, you are guilty. If someone thinks you are guilty of something, then you are guilty. Kids lie. Facts and circumstance dont matter.

Notice what's going on now that summer vacation has begun, and people are leaving town. This is no coincidence, and I think the public and friends of due process should keep their ears to the ground as Bloomberg and his bought allies try to rid NYC of the little bit of rights left (that's my job, digging those up!).

While the cats are away, the rats will play.

Remember the Star Chamber movie?

The NYC Department of Education is Mayor Bloomberg's Star Chamber.


Betsy Combier


Mayor Bloomberg Lays Out Plan to Eliminate Sex Creeps


Mike Bloomberg here. I just want to say how pleased I am that the Supreme Court has finally repealed the Defense of Marriage Act. Our LGBT brothers and sisters should certainly be able to marry and live as they wish. Except for teachers.

UFT teachers, as you know if you've been reading the Daily News, tend to be pervs and sickos and sex creeps. After careful consideration, Chancellor Walcott and I have decided that we don't want sex creeps doing anything unconventional, and we've determined we need the right to fire any teachers doing anything we decide to be out of the norm.

This is because our students simply cannot handle role models that vary from those in 1950s TV shows. Clearly in those times, there were no LGBT models on TV, and everyone was white. We think white people have had it all too tough recently, and as you know they are randomly stopped and frisked more far too often. 

That's why, for teachers only, we're going to demand they be straight and white, or at least convincingly pretend to be straight and white. If they can't manage this little request, it's going to be necessary for Chancellor Walcott to be able to fire them. As Ruben Diaz and legal expert Campbell Brown have pointed out, we need the right to fire sicko sex creeps whether or not they've been found guilty. Since we assume all teachers to be sicko sex creeps, we won't be firing them for being LGBT or non-white, but for being sex creeps.

And sure, a lot of you will be saying, "Mike, you're discriminating here." I understand that, and that's why we will make sure to also fire white straight teachers too. Since all teachers are sex creeps because we say so, this will make teachers think twice before they criticize the way we place Children First, Always.

The best way to put Children First, Always is by closing their neighborhood schools, turning them over to Eva Moskowitz, firing unionized teachers based on junk science, and replacing them with at-will employees in charter schools who will never, ever earn a pension. This way, teachers of the Children we place First, Always won't have time to develop into the sex creeps all current teachers are.

So basically, we need the right to immediately fire sex creep teachers who are not straight and white. We also need the right to immediately fire sex creep teachers who are straight and white. Anyone not fitting into those categories will not be affected by this bold but necessary new policy.

However, since all teachers in these categories have been demonstrated by the crack reporters at the Daily News to be sex creeps, we desperately need the right to fire them right away without all that contractual red tape. We can't go through all the rigamarole of negotiating new contracts, because that will cost money we don't have. Once we fire all the sex creeps, the costs of negotiating new contracts will decrease dramatically.

So please, New York, remember that mayoral control means I do what I want, when I want, and how I want. Support me, Senator Diaz, and legal expert Campbell Brown in our efforts to fire sex creep teachers immediately. It's the only way we can protect our children from these dangerous predators.

We are also very disappointed that no other publications have been running the story about sex creep teachers. In our next step to place Children First, Always, we will look into whether or not it's in the interests of these children to allow these publications to continue doing business in my city.

State senator proposes ban on sex predator teachers from all school property

Sen. Ruben Diaz’s legislation comes after two city instructors were recently nabbed on sex crimes, including a music teacher charged with rape, a criminal sex act and endangering the welfare of a child on Wednesday, and another accused of raping a 10-year-old girl.

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State Sen. Ruben Diaz on Thursday launched a fight to ban sex creeps from school property — not just the classroom.
The Bronx Democrat introduced legislation in the wake of a string of Daily News stories highlighting the difficulty of removing predatory educators.
This “will protect our children from being approached on school grounds by an alarming number of known pedophiles who continue to lurk in our school system,” Diaz said in a statement.
“I remain disgusted by the Daily News report that cited how city education officials tried to fire 128 school employees since 2007 for sexual misconduct or inappropriate relationships with students — but only 33 were actually axed.”
The proposed bill, which notes there are no state laws prohibiting educators charged with sexual misconduct from staying in the classroom, comes after two city instructors were recently nabbed on sex crimes.
Brian Kearins, a music teacher at Herbert H. Lehman High School in the Bronx, was busted Wednesday on charges including rape, a criminal sex act and endangering the welfare of a child.
The 33-year-old married father of two, including a newborn, had sex with a 15-year-old student from this past October to April, according to the criminal complaint filed in Bronx Criminal Court.
Last week, Bronx teacher Anthony Criscuolo, 40, was arrested for raping a 10-year-old girl enrolled in his fifth-grade class at Public School 386.
Diaz said his measure — which applies to public and private schools — is one the teachers union should throw its full weight behind.
“The teachers union should be supporting this bill, because pedophiles give a bad name to good teachers,” he said.
A spokesman for United Federation of Teachers President Michael Mulgrew said the Education Department already has the power to reassign employees accused of misconduct.
“If Sen. Diaz feels that the Department of Education has failed to enforce this provision, he should take the matter up with the department or Mayor Bloomberg,” the spokesman said.
But Schools Chancellor Dennis Walcott said the recent spate of sex abuse cases proves that officials should be able to fire teachers found to have committed wrongdoing.
“It should be clear to everyone by now — including the teachers union — that we can’t wait for someone to get convicted before being able to fire them,” said Walcott.
With Ben Chapman