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Monday, March 21, 2016

School Cheating Investigations

School cheating investigations by New York State

Here are details on 432 closed investigations by the New York State Education Department into allegations of cheating on tests at elementary and secondary schools in the past decade. The table contains information about whether the allegations were ultimately verified or unverified, what actions were taken and how the outcome affected scoring for the exam or staff assignments. The D. Abrams and S. Katz referred to in many cases are current or former state education officials. Other names have been redacted (***** or #####).
Abbreviations for tests include ELA = English Language Arts; RE = Regents; RCT = Regents Competency Test; USHG = U.S. History and Geography; INTALG = Intermediate Algebra; SCI PTScience Performance Test.
The data was provided by the Education Department in response to a Freedom of Information Law request, and not all fields contain data. The list can be filtered by region, showing Long Island, the Westchester-Hudson Valley area, New York City or upstate.