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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Mayor Bloomberg Publicly Harasses Miss Piggy, Embarassing NYC DOE's Dennis Walcott

The proof of Mayor Bloomberg's double standard is available above. Which double standard? There are so many.

The double standard here is the April 13, 2012 kissing incident where Mayor Mike Bloomberg is pictured actually trying to kiss Miss Piggy in front of her prince, Kermit! Witnesses  have reported that Bloomberg did not even ask Ms. Piggy if he could do such a brazenly harassing act before he made his move. A source has told me that charges were immediately filed against Mr. Bloomberg with the Department of Investigation.

It was just this past week that the media made a push to have the public recoil in horror with the information that excellent teacher Eric Chasanoff told a student " "I"m so proud of you passing the test I could just kiss you, of course I wouldn't do that because I would get in trouble" and he was subsequently placed into a Queens rubber room for 4 years, then brought to a probable cause hearing and then a 3020-a arbitration, where he was to be terminated. Yet we, the public, can see in the picture above Mayor Bloomberg ignoring the mandate of his own Education Department!!!

In another 3020-a which I attended, OCI Investigator Denis O'Sullivan testified that a touch on a shoulder of a student is not considered by him or anyone else, 'sexual abuse'. So, all teachers accused of touching a student's shoulder or, now that we have the picture with Ms. Piggy, kissing a person, is not a crime.

Which is it Mayor Mike? Mr. Walcott has remained silent on this issue.

Betsy Combier

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