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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Miramonte Elementary Teachers Are Still Holed Up on An Empty Campus Learning How to Knit and Sew

The Los Angeles Rubber Room

LAUSD took drastic measures this February when it discovered that not one but two teachers on the Miramonte Elementary school campus were accused of being really inappropriate with students. It relocated the rest of the staff to the unopened school of Augustus Hawkins High School in South Los Angeles. The district says in the meantime they're investigating the full story at Miramonte.
So what are these teachers doing at Augustus Hawkins? A reporter from Fox tried to catch up with the teachers as they left, but he didn't have too much luck. Finally, he ran into one teacher (whose name we couldn't catch) who wasn't shy about saying what life was like for a teacher not teaching kids: "It feels like we're on an island...Gilligan's Island...We have to be here from 7:25 am until 2:15 pm and then we're released into society."
The man said that the teachers are working on curriculum development, but mostly they're just passing the time with busywork. He said they're even learning how to knit and sew. It sounds like the "Rubber Room" of New York City.
The teacher's union is pretty pissed off about this and are demanding that the teachers be put back in the classroom: "The district is wrongly and unfairly punishing and stigmatizing dozens of completely innocent employees and depriving hundreds of students of a consistent education. UTLA demands you return the Miramonte staff to their worksite and allow the school's students, staff and community to begin healing."

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