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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Westchester D.A. Janet Di Fiore: More Bad News

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


1st Deputy Commissioner
Phil "Sandusky" Gille  

Ready. Set. Go…… The cover up is now in full swing to deflect all media attention away from “Nanny Gate”, the scandal on the part of Westchester District attorney Janet DiFiore.  Mount Vernon Exposed has gained more insight into the cover up and who the alleged players are.  Mount Vernon Exposed will continue to cover this event and bring you news not found anywhere else.  No holds barred. 
           A few weeks ago we have all read he coverage courtesy of the Journal News regarding the recording with 1st Deputy Commissioner Phil Gille and Westchester Independence   party chairman Guilio Cavallo.

Gille can be heard on tape admitting that Janet DiFiore sent her team of rogue 
investigators to investigate a "trumped up" complaint filed by Human Resources Director Valerie Raynor, wife of Terrence Raynor, Chief Criminal Investigator for Janet DFiore. Terrence Raynor was recently sued for bilking Westchester County taxpayers out of more than $40K for claiming S.T.A. R. exemptions on three different properties at the same time.

Corrupt D.A. 
Janet DiFiore
Mount Vernon Exposed has recently reported that 1stDeputy Commissioner Phil Gille is a known pedophile and has been preying on young boys for more than 20 years.  Gille is Westchester’s own Jerry Sandusky, the disgraced Penn State football recently convicted of raping and molesting young boys at Penn State University.  After our coverage on Gille, Mount Vernon Exposed was inundated with calls and emails seeking to know how Gille was involved in the “Nanny Gate” cover up and how did/does Gille benefit from such a cover up.  We will now explain detail for detail Gille’s motives and reasoning for covering up the “Nanny Gate” scandal.

Approximately two weeks ago, Gille’s Westchester County issued car was stolen by one of his young male lovers.  Gille reported the theft to his superiors in the County Executive Rob Astorino’s administration. While Astorino’s administration was frustrated and angered at Gille’s negligence, Gille was assured that the incident would be covered and made to look as if it never occurred.  If the public became aware of Gille’s activity it would be damaging for Astorino and his administration.

 The Astorino administration then sent detectives from the Westchester County Police to Gille’s residence at 21 Fairfield Place in Yonkers, NY.  To date, there is no evidence or records on file to suggest or indicate that Gille was ever issued a county vehicle even though most employees would confirm same.  No police report was ever filed at any police department, anywhere in Westchester County or the State of New York. 

Corrupt Chief Investigator
Terrence Raynor
When detectives arrived at the residence and rang the doorbell, they were greeted by a 15 year male, dressed in only a tank top and underwear.  When questioned by the detectives the 15 year male told detectives that he was an acquaintance of Gille’s and that they just returned from shopping and having dinner.  When detectives tried to get further information regarding the minor, the minor told the detectives to ask Gille about the extent of their relationship.  According to sources, Gille and the minor are sexually involved, and have been for some time now. Gille has also hired numerous of his “boy toys” to various positions in the Department of Social Services.  The Astorino administration is fully aware of Gille’s conduct and his pedophilia hobby. 

Westchester County detectives then took this information back to Terrence Raynor, Janet’s crooked Chief Investigator.  DiFiore then instructed Raynor and her 1st Deputy John George to pay Mr. Gille a visit and tell him that if he didn’t cover up and squash the “Nanny Gate” investigation they would prosecute him for having sex with a minor and statutory rape.  Raynor and Janet’s deputy also paid a visit to Kevin Plunkett and advise him of same.  Raynor and George told Plunkett that they would arrest Gille in the Department of Social Services and would say that he was the source of the “Nanny Gate” leak and his reasons for doing so was to damage Janet’s reputation and to clear the path for Plunkett to run for Westchester District Attorney.  Plunkett can be seen on almost a daily basis going in and out of Janet DiFiore’s office. 

Plunkett and Janet are now on the same team.  Plunkett was promised a Supreme Court Judgeship position and the endorsement for Westchester D.A. in the event Janet doesn’t survive politically. All Plunkett has to do in Janet’s own words is to “fire that bitch Vasquez and get rid of whatever she was working on.  She is dangerous and can bring us all down.”

To be continued……..

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