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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

From David Hedges: ATR Without ADA Rights

Dedicated To All ATRs In NYC
David Hedges

As an ATR I reported to a high school in Brooklyn and was told that my program for the week required that I teach four consecutive periods with no time for a bathroom break.  I
am entitled to a bathroom break under the ADA and is enforced by the Medical office of the DOE.  The principal, Michael Alexander overruled those directives, claiming that a private arrangement he had made with a teacher on maternity leave preempted my rights under the OEO and trumped my rights under the UFT/DOE agreement.  Shame on you Michael Alexander!

Mr. Alexander,

After I alerted you to the fact that your private arrangement with a teacher in your school does not trump OEO and UFT requirements, you did not modify my program and comply with the Accommodation that I am entitled to under ADA law.  As a result of complying with your directive I became ill, since you saw to it that my entitlement to a bathroom break was ignored.  This was after we had presented the issue to the school's chapter leader!

Mr. Brewton from the OEO has responded to my complaint and has written that he will pursue the matter from his office.  You will hear from him.

As of the time of this writing I am unsure if my heath will permit my appearance in your school tomorrow.  

I would be remiss if I did not add that whatever your private arrangements with your staff are, they are of absolutely no relevancy to me, nor to my rights under the ADA law and the DOE/UFT agreement.  Your ardent indifference is, in my view, an irresponsible abuse of your authority.


David Hedges

A copy of this letter was sent to OEO, UFT, and now to you, my dear readers.

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Anonymous said...

You are not the only ATR without ADA rights. My money was taken from me and there is no one to help. UFT informed me that there is nothing in the contract pertaining to ADA. What makes it even worse is that my disabilities are a result of a LODI.