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Monday, October 29, 2012

NYC Schools Are Closed, But Re-Assigned Staff Must Show Up...Or Else

School Closed to Students and Staff on Tuesday
The Mayor has announced that schools are closed for tomorrow. School based staff are not expected to report. School Custodians will receive separate instructions from the Division of School Facilities. As we continue to monitor the storm, we will make a determination tomorrow whether to reopen schools on Wednesday.
Central Offices Open on Tuesday
In accordance with city policy, city government is open and all employees who work in central and field offices are expected to try to overcome transportation difficulties caused by the storm and report to work. This includes teachers assigned, Supervisors, Educational Administrators, managers and all other staff working in central and field offices.
Because of the storm and its lingering effects, you should exercise caution and allow extra time for travel to work tomorrow morning. If mass transit services have not yet been restored in your neighborhood, and you have no other safe and feasible way to travel to work, then you should use your judgment and delay your arrival. There will be no penalties for transit-related lateness. If you cannot come to work, you should use annual leave, personal leave/CAR time or compensatory time to stay home. Continue to use your judgment and ensure your safety first. Administrative offices will be open and staff can report to work or take leave. For those who have no applicable leave balance, leave may be advanced for this purpose. For hourly employees who are unable to come to work, offices should make every effort to schedule make up hours within this pay period if at all possible.
Administrative offices in zone A will remain closed with the exception of essential operations. Vernon Boulevard offices will be open. Employees from other administrative offices in zone A may be redeployed by supervisors to alternative work sites if feasible or report to an assigned city shelter site. Employees can find a shelter center at 311 or on this map of Zone A.
Please check the MTA web site at for the latest on mass transit service; also, please be sure to check and the Department of Education web site for any additional information. Please distribute this memo to other staff.
Questions about this policy should be directed to Lawrence Becker at or Joann Molter at
Reporting to Work at City Shelters on Tuesday
If assigned to work in a shelter, please make every effort to report to your site. Any staff volunteering in shelters will not be considered absent.
We will continue to update you throughout the storm. Thank you for your support and cooperation.
Dennis M. Walcott

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