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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Principal Michael Alexander Denies ATR Teacher His Rights


Dedicated To All ATS In NYC
As an ATR I reported to a high school in Brooklyn and was told that my program for the week required that agree to violate a UFT-DOE agreement.   I was ordered to teach four consecutive periods with no time for a bathroom break.  (In fact, I was ordered to teach five consecutive periods, because the school's extended time begins 40 minutes prior to the first period class. That adds up to 5.)  I am entitled to a bathroom break under the ADA and it is enforced by the DOE Medical Office, HR-Connect, and the Office of Equal Opportunity.   The principal, Michael Alexander, decided to ignore those agencies and insisted that his authority trumped all others, including common decency, I do not hesitate to add.  He justified his stance by claiming that a private arrangement he had made with a teacher on maternity leave preempted the rights of all UFT members, regardless of the Contract and ADA law.   Shame on you Michael Alexander!

The school's name is The School For Human Rights.

Mr. Alexander could have assigned a teacher to cover one class period to break up the four consecutive periods and he had both the time and the resources to do so.  There was an additional ATR who had not been assigned to a class, and there were teachers in the school who know the students and would have volunteered to do the coverage if they had been asked.

There is no excuse for the principal of a school that seeks to be a champion for human rights to deny a teacher the rights he or she is entitled to under ADA law, OEO and DOE rules.

October 15, 2012 (Sent via email 
Principal of the School for Human Rights)

Principal Alexander,

After I alerted you to the fact that your private arrangement with a teacher in your school does not trump OEO and UFT requirements, you did not modify my program and comply with the Accomodation that I am entitled to under ADA law.  As a result of complying with your directive I became ill, since you saw to it that my entitlement to a bathroom break was ignored.  This was after we had presented the issue to the school's chapter leader!

Mr. Brewton from the OEO has responded to my complaint and has written that he will pursue the matter from his office.  You will hear from him.

As of the time of this writing I am unsure if my heath will permit my appearance in your school tomorrow.  

I would be remiss if I did not add that whatever your private arrangements with your staff are, they are of absolutely no relevancy to me, nor to my rights under the ADA law and the DOE/UFT agreement.  Your ardent indifference is, in my view, an irresponsible abuse of your authority.


David Hedges

A copy of this letter was sent to OEO, UFT, and now to you, my dear readers.


sean crowley said...

Why do cowards like this clown go into education? Are they afraid someone would do these things to them if they went out into the cut throat world they secretly long to be a part of ? Control?power freaks like this guy deserve a ten year sentence to a Dilbert cubicle or an office run by Michael Scott.

Anonymous said...

Wake up, cretin!
The DOE is a cut throat world. If you had a heart or a brain, you'd realize that Scott's Dilbert would be a nirvana, compared to the DOE these days.