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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Principal Sana Nasser of Harry S. Truman HS In Trouble After a Whistleblower Spoke Up

Did the NYC Department of Education just wake up to the false reporting used by Principals to get bonuses?

I know that is not true. Time for another "Who Are You Kidding Award"!!!!! (I wrote this article about my FOIL of Joel klein's contract, in 2005)

Betsy Combier

Seven ethical misconduct violations surface after Bronx principal is caught influencing student reviews of Harry S Truman High School

Education officials are investigating seven other cases of educators coaching students on rating their schools highly. Top marks lead to principal salary bonuses and decisions on school closings.

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Sana Nasser, Principal of Harry S Truman High School next to the new swimming pool

Sana Nasser, Principal of Harry S Truman High School next to the school's new
swimming pool. She has encouraged her students to rate her school high in annual reviews.

Education officials are investigating seven cases of ethical misconduct on the heels of a Daily News exclusive that revealed a top Bronx principal coached students to give their school glowing annual reviews.
A day after Harry S Truman High School Principal Sana Nasser was exposed for manipulating student survey results, whistleblowers from two more schools came forward — showing that officials are instructing parents on how to fill out school surveys as a way to boost their letter grades.
At Public School 64 in the East Village, Principal Marlon Hosang assured families that the school’s parent coordinator and members of the parent association would be “stationed in the library to assist you” on filling out the surveys.
“Remember, we consider anything less than ‘strongly agree’ a failure,” read a letter signed by Hosang and the assistant principal, Daniela D’Arcangelo.

“We fell .9 (points) short of our goal last year of a letter grade of B primarily because of those of you who failed to complete the survey, yet are happy with our work. We cannot allow this to happen again.”


The Daily News exposed Harry S Truman High School Principal Sana Nasser for coaching students on reporting high grades in school reviews.

Maria Vargas, whose son is a fourth-grader at the school, said she felt stressed over the ordeal. “I already filled out the survey, but I don’t like the pressure,” said Vargas, 34. “It’s bad enough with the citywide tests.”
At PS 6 on the upper East Side, an email sent to families Wednesday from a class parent reads, “Let’s do our part and make sure our school gets an ‘A’ grade on our DOE report card.”
The annual school environment survey offers another way for city officials to evaluate progress from the point of view of students and parents.
The results are used to decide whether schools should close — or if principals deserve a bonus.
School officials would not reveal the remaining four schools. Neither Hosang nor PS 6 Principal Lauren Fontana — who each earn roughly $128,000 a year, returned calls or emails for comment.
“The school survey code of ethics explicitly states that it is inappropriate for school staff to influence or suggest how respondents complete the survey,” said agency spokeswoman Erin Hughes.
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