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Sunday, February 23, 2014

The NYC DOE Memo to ATRs: Field Supervisors Are Coming To Get You....OOPS, I Mean, To Observe You

 Let's get this straight. "Field Supervisors" will be coming to a school where you, an ATR (Absent Teacher Reserve) are substituting, and where you have been for at least 1 day. You are assigned a classroom of students whose teacher is suddenly absent, and this teacher has left no lesson plan. You have no information on the curriculum used by the missing teacher, nor are you given any data on any of the students - for example, how many have Individualized Education Plans, behavior issues and long lists of suspensions in SOHO (Suspension Online Hearing Occurrence). You are walking in the classroom cold turkey, and the "Field Supervisor" is right behind you, to do an observation.

How proper is this? Where is the UFT????

Someone do something.

Betsy Combier


From: ATR Supervision
Sent: Friday, February 21, 2014 10:45 AM
Cc: ATR Supervision
Subject: Important Information Supervision

February 21, 2014

Dear Teacher,

The Department of Education will be supplementing its supervision of teachers in the Absent Teacher Reserve (ATR) pool. Under this initiative, teachers will be supervised by a licensed administrator, called a Field Supervisor, who will periodically observe practice and provide feedback to support professional development.

Additionally, the Field Supervisor will be responsible for making recommendations to the appropriate District Superintendent for final ratings and/or tenure. As a teacher in the ATR pool who is rotating assignments weekly you will be covered by this initiative.

At some point next month, you should expect your Field Supervisor to visit your assignment site to meet with you in person. At this initial meeting, the Field Supervisor will work with you to develop a plan to support your professional growth and job search process. The Field Supervisor will make an effort to contact you via your DOE email in advance of the initial meeting to give you a sense of when you can expect him or her; however, he or she may not always be able to provide advance notification.

NYC Department of Education


Anonymous said...

At the very least, this should be forwarded to Mulgrew. Is there someone at the UFT that is in charge if ATR's. Or would it be the district rep.

I find it very strange that this is not signed by anyone. Any idea what department this is coming out of ?

Anonymous said...

Did all the ATR's get one of these? I did not .

Anonymous said...

Someone I know who works in Tweed warned me about this in September when I was illegally excess into the ATR pool. I had to teach a class of kids I did not know and had five minutes to prep. I had my own lesson plans and used them. I got a satisfactory rating and have been left alone since

Gladys Sotomayor said...

Hi Betsy who supervises the field supervisors? I was told by my field supervisor that I will receive a letter to file due to excessive absence all medically documented. I had fracturedy foot filef on line SOLAS for health Restoration uploaded documents. Was told by Min Choi ti withdraw one and that he never got my medical documents.some how the leave applications were both withdrawn. I withdrew one since I thought I needed more days. The Unionrep who was present said very little and told me she will help with the rebuttal. I worried that I will receive a end year rating of a there anything else I can do?