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Monday, March 17, 2014

SCI Made An Error Charging Francesco Portelos, They Say. "So Sorry"

ok, so let's get this straight. The Special Commissioner of Investigation accuses Francesco Portelos with doing some real estate business on his desktop, which as one of the charges which brought him to a 3020-a hearing.....and now they say it was an error, and SORRY??? After this poor man's life has been altered, thousands of dollars have been paid to lawyers, and an arbitrator, they say sorry?

There are thousands of other cases they should be sorry for as well, all false claims made by administrators from hell. When do we get people with integrity to do this job, Mr. Mayor???

Betsy Combier

From Francesco's blog:

SCI 9 – Commissioner Suddenly Finds “Errors” in their Investigation

We continue with the The SCI Files
There has to be a professional and adult way of saying “Told you so!”  Sit down and grab some popcorn again, because the craziness never ends here with this saga. I feel like I’m writing fiction or a John Grisham novel. I also felt as I was running low on material, but they keep giving me more!
Do you remember these headlines that came out after SCI published a vague report in April 2013? SCI stated that they found “real estate” related files on my desktop after former UFT Chapter Leader Richard Candia made up allegations about seeing me do real estate work while I had a class in session. Well, two years after SCI confiscated the desktop, it turns out they did not find files on my computer! (Dun-dun-dun)

Report substantiates misuse of school property accusations against ‘rubber roomed’ teacher – NY Daily News

Ax looming for Staten Island teacher, a tech gadfly –

City moving to fire teacher who blogged his “rubber room” days –

E-fury at rubber teach – NY Post

Laura Brantley esq., who is the director of the DOE’s Administrative Trials Unit (ATU), wasted no time in going for the termination. No, I’m serious…no time. The ink from the report was still drying on the 6th floor of Chamber Street when she sent the email below at 3:50 PM. The SCI Report came in at around 2 PM.
Pay attention to who was emailed and how DOE Legal holds the hand of the administrators when going after the teachers. Also, keep in mind that NYS Education Law 3020-a states that a school board must meet in executive session to determine if there is probable cause to bring a teacher up on charges. That obviously didn’t happen here.
Laura Brantley 3020-a consent
So what happened now? What changed? Well, on the two year anniversary (February 28, 2014) of the confiscation of my DOE devices, I wrote this post on how I believe files were planted, SCI Part 8 – Planting Files and Confiscating Computers. In addition to that post being shared across various social media, I decided to send the post to Special Commissioner of Investigation Richard Condon as well. Almost as if saying “What’s up with this?
From: Francesco Portelos <>
Date: Wed, Mar 5, 2014
Subject: SCI Part 8 – Planting Files and Confiscating Computers
To:, thomas fennell <>, “Regina A. Loughran” <>
Good afternoon,
     I would like the information contained within this post investigated. I feel as though someone, in possession of confiscated equipment, deliberately falsified information.
Francesco Portelos
IS 49 UFT Chapter Leader
 I did not know this, but while I was laying on a cold dirty jail cell floor (My 33 Hours Behind Bars), SCI sent the following memo stating there was an “error” in their investigation and they “apologize for any inconvenience this has caused“:

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Anonymous said...

So is the DOE charging the investigator with perjury? Are they at least investigating the possibility? Have they charged the person responsible for this false charge?
Has DOE even withdrawn the false charge?