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Sunday, August 3, 2014

The Death of Mary Eve Thorson Highlights Teacher Abuse in America


On Thanksgiving Day, 2011, a thirty-two year old school teacher by the name of Mary Eve Thorson, stood in front of a moving-semi truck and ended her life. She left behind a 6 page suicide letter stating that she wanted to be the first to sign the petition, which would call attention to the teachers within her district whom were being bullied and ostracized by administrators and other educators.

Mary sacrificed her life to expose the extreme levels of abuse which teachers were being subjected to on a daily basis, its adverse affect on the children as a result, and the poor condition of the school. She wanted the abuse to stop! TEACHERS FOR MARY will do all in its power to ensure that no other teacher will suffer or die due to abuse at the hands of an administrator/educator.
” My goal is to have a TEACHERS FOR MARY chapter in every city within the state of Illinois, and ultimately throughout the country. It will be based upon the premise that bullying can be prevented if and when teachers stand together as a united front, with the primary objective being the acquisition of protection, support, and legal representation for that targeted individual.” 

Myra Richardson
The organization would be the next best thing to having the MARY EVE THORSON ANTI-BULLYING BILL in place (an idea I proposed to Illinois Governor, Pat Quinn). It would protect teachers against all forms of degradation within the work environment. Victims would even receive assistance on the premises of the institution if circumstances were dire. Bullying is right in the victim’s face…and TEACHERS FOR MARY will be right in the face of the bully!
Literally hundreds, if not thousands of teachers are in hiding. They share horror stories anonymously which speak to the fear of not only losing their positions, but having to leave the students behind whom have come to depend upon them for academic and emotional nurturing. Teachers are afraid; and now, teachers are dying. The death of one teacher is a travesty. The death of more than one is a shameful display of apathy. Teachers must speak out publically against their abusers! Silence can no longer be tolerated!
TEACHERS FOR MARY is aware that bullying of teachers has been allowed to reach epidemic proportions. Suffering in silence is no longer an option.
Teachers must fight back and refuse to be inhumanely treated and stripped of their dignity! They must confront the abuse and the attacker head on, with our organization acting as an impenetrable shield in their defense.
Initially, all grievances will be filed with one of our chapters, and detailed records maintained on individual cases involving incidents of bullying against teachers at the hands of administrators or educators. This is necessary in order to provide a chronological history of events showing the abuse from its inception…a crucial component in the fight to end what has now become a nationwide concern warranting high priority.
TEACHERS FOR MARY is an organization committed to the prevention of Bullying and Abuse at the hands of administrators or educators…but we can’t act alone! Teachers must be willing to fight back against the injustices placed upon them.


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Gladys Sotomayor said...

When I first read about Mary I was weeks into the ATR pool. I have to admit I cried and felt her pain as well felt outrage at a system that allows this to happen. Being that I'm originally from Illinois was doubly hard to read. I was glad to discover your website ams find inspirational strength to carry on. It's now a second year in the ATR pool and I Wonder how many of us feel the despair she felt. I know i have before being excessed and after. This , other websites and support from other ATRs and sympathetic teachers. They are few these days as teachers are maligned on do many planes.