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Monday, September 15, 2014

The NYC DOE Interview Information Sheet For ATRs

From: []
Sent: Tuesday, September 09, 2014 4:13 PM

Subject: Interview Information for ATRs
Dear .................................:
We hope the start of your school year has gone well. You are receiving this email because you are currently in the Absent Teacher Reserve (ATR). As part of the new contract with the UFT, ATRs will be scheduled for interviews in schools with applicable license-area vacancies within their boroughstarting the week of September 15. These borough-wide interviews represent an expanded opportunity for you to be considered for positions outside of the ATR. This letter provides you with more information about these interviews. Please read all of this information carefully.
Starting later this week, you may receive an email to your Department of Education Outlook account with notification regarding scheduled interviews. These emails will constitute written notification of the interview. Please be aware there are two different types of interviews:
Mandatory Interviews are scheduled during the school day and will be within your borough and license area. You are required to attend such Mandatory Interviews. If you miss two (2) or more mandatory interviews, without good cause, you will be treated as having voluntarily resigned from your employment and removed from payroll immediately.
Optional Interviews are scheduled outside of school hours. You are not required to attend such Optional Interviews but are highly encouraged to do so to take advantage of all opportunities to be considered for a position outside of the ATR. While some optional interview invitations will be for positions that match in license and borough, you may also be invited to interview for positions outside of your borough or in a related license area.
The emails you receive will distinguish between these two interview types.
Below is some additional information in the form of a Q&A about these interviews. Please review all of the information below carefully.
When will I be notified about interviews?
In general, Mandatory Interview email notifications will be made on Saturdays for interviews scheduled for Tuesday through Friday of the following week. Optional Interview notifications may be up to two days in advance of the interview date. You may also receive a cancellation notice up to the afternoon before the interview so please be sure to check your email each afternoon.
How many interviews will I be scheduled for?
The number of interviews scheduled for each ATR will vary considerably and depend in part on the vacancies in each borough and license area. ATRs will be scheduled for no more than one Mandatory Interview per day and, in general, such interviews will only be scheduled Tuesday through Friday between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. The number of Optional Interviews invitations will also vary and may take place any day/time outside of school hours.
What do I have to do about communicating to and going to my assignment school?
The school you are currently assigned to will also receive notification of your interview schedule; however, it is recommended that you submit a copy of your interview notification to the Principal and/or Payroll Secretary. The school notification will advise your assignment school that they must release you to attend the Mandatory Interview. It is still expected that you report before and/or after your interview to your assignment school (leaving time for necessary travel). It is recommended that you obtain documentation from the interviewing school that you attended your interview and submit this proof of attendance to the Principal and/or Payroll Secretary at the school to which you are assigned and hold a copy for your records. If you are covering classes at your assignment school you must remind your Principal or designee about the need for alternative arrangements for the time you will be out for the interview.
Why should I go on the interviews?
Attending interviews means you are able to meet with school leaders in your seniority district and borough who have vacancies in your license area that need to be filled. While every interview may not result in a job, you are able to sharpen your interviewing skills and present yourself for future opportunities. As noted there are also potential consequences concerning your employment with the DOE for not attending Mandatory Interviews.
What if I miss an Interview?
You are required to attend all Mandatory InterviewsIf you miss two (2) or more interviews, without good cause, you will be treated as having voluntarily resigned from your employment. If you miss an interview, the principal will record your absence. If there is an extenuating circumstance, you should submit documentation to the interviewing principal and interviewing school payroll secretary, as well as to our office at If you have a regular excusable absence for that day you should provide applicable documentation to your assignment school.
Can I re-schedule an interview?
If it is absolutely necessary, you must contact the interviewing Principal to request to reschedule your interview date and time. You should send an e-mail and also follow up with a phone call to confirm.Please remember, it is at the Principal's discretion whether he/she will accommodate your re-schedule request and just making a request is not considered 'good cause' for not attending the interview.
Who will interview me and will all interviews take place as scheduled?
Principals may conduct the interview themselves or they may ask other appropriate staff to conduct the interview with or for them. Please remember that even as schools make every effort to keep to these schedules, unforeseen events may mean they are not able to do so or in some cases that the position may no longer be available. Please be prepared to be patient and flexible.
If I get an offer, do I need to take it?
If you are offered a position, you must accept this position. As the contract states, an ATR who fails to accept and appear for a permanent assignment that has been offered within two (2) work days of receiving written notice of the assignment without good cause shall be treated as having voluntarily resigned his/her employment. Schools and ATRs can agree to be hired on a provisional basis which means the position is for the school year only and at the end of the year you would only remain in the school by mutual agreement with the principal.
If you have any further questions about interviews, please email our office
Division of Human Resources
New York City Department of Education


Anonymous said...

I, Joseph Griffith file #:474206, was to
have a Mandatory Interview at Smith High
School on Jan. 27, 2015. As you know all
schools were closed on that day. On the
28th, the next day, I contact the school
and was told some one will contact me.
So far, no one has contact me. What
should I do?

Betsy Combier said...

Keep all your documentation. I am not clear on how you contacted the school on the 28th. All contact must be in writing. If you called the school, send an email now, saying you called on the 28th, and have not heard from them.