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Saturday, December 6, 2014

FACES: Harlyn Griffenberg-Greer, NYC DOE Whatever

As we all know, titles at the NYC DOE are meaningless. Take new OPI employee Harlyn Griffenberg (she is known as Harlyn Griffenberg Greer at OPI).

Harlyn Griffenberg

She used to be the "paralegal", "Disciplinary Investigator", "Secretary" or "Assistant to Gotcha Squad prosecuting Attorney Ian Nikol". When Ian appeared at 3020-a hearings, he used to bring Harlyn along. Now she works at OPI, Office of Personnel Investigations, as an Investigator. During two hearings I watched the two of them laugh, giggle, scribble notes, stare and do whatever would insult the Respondent or people in the room, during the hearing. As I wrote in my previous post, I think this type of behavior is frighteningly inappropriate. I believe she loathes teachers.

At one hearing about 2 years ago I started writing down the time of each disruptive moment. Harlyn wrote, "Betsy is writing about us", and she poked Ian and told him. He laughed, and told her "I don't care."

But he did care. He told the arbitrator at that hearing to order me to stop writing notes. He did not get his wish.

An attorney who worked with Ian at 3020-a hearings told me that he could not believe how theatrical and dismayingly insulting Ian Nikol was to everyone at the hearing. He was furious.

Ian Nikol
Here is Harlyn's LinkedIn page:



NYC Department of Education
– Present (6 months)

Disciplinary Investigator

NYC Department of Education
(2 years 1 month)


New York City Department of Investigation
(4 months)

Forensic Case Manager

United States Probation Office
(6 months)Brooklyn, NY

Research Assistant

John Jay College
(5 months)
Transcribe Interviews for Study: Pimping from Pimps’ Perspectives: Constructing and Reconstructing Identities

College Assistant

John Jay College
(1 year 3 months)
Website Administrator, Compile Reports, Bulletins, and Documents, Administrative Office Work, Assist Students,

Marketing Intern

The Volleyball Association of Ireland
(2 months)Dublin, Ireland

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