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Saturday, December 6, 2014

FACES: Peter Ianniello, NYC DOE Executive Director, Human Resources

NYC DOE Peter Ianniello
  1. Fordham Preparatory School, 
  2. Fordham University
  1. Fordham University
Peter Ianniello
eSchool Solutions | Peter Ianniello - NYC Department of Education | SFE Client Testimonial

Published on Sep 20, 2012
Peter Ianniello from the NYC Department of Education discusses how the features of SmartFindExpress has helped to mandate their special education paraprofessionals. Learn more about eSchool Solutions teacher absence management programs by visiting our website


Executive Director, Human Resources

NYC Department of Education
 – Present (17 years 1 month)

Director of Advancement

Fordham Preparatory SChool
   (4 years)

Director of Alumni Systems Management

Fordham University
   (8 years 3 months)
Managed all aspects of alumni data, gift records and acknowledgments, and reports for both the offices of Development and Alumni Relations as well as other University users.


Anonymous said...

Ianniello phd is one of the doe blowhards who thinks he knows more than he really does. This phoney ahole runs the doe human waste dept like its his personal business. This cretin will one day find that hes bitten off more than he can chew. F him

Anonymous said...

Is he the son of Matty the horse Ianniello? Matty the horse was acting head of the Genovesse crime family! Made his money running gay bars, whore houses, restaurants and unions.. He fathered a son named Peter. Don't know if it is the same Ianniello. Probably lots of Ianniellos around the NYC area.

Marie said...

This man is unqualified for his position and highly unprofessional. He has no concept of inclusiveness and tolerance -- things that are the hallmark values of New Yorkers. He is biased against gays and Lesbians, Jews, Latinos, blacks and Muslims. These kinds of sentiments and the associated prejudicial behavior have absolutely no place in an educational outfit of any kind -- let alone in the NYC Dept of Ed! This man has got to go or at the very least be reassigned to a position that does not involve contact with human beings. Report him to the Mayor and City Council in writing and also to Gov Cuomos office. Somebody will take action to remove him if enough people are brave enough to complain!

Marie said...

Not sure where Ianiello came from but the bottom line is that his on the job behavior is not only unprofessional it is also illegal. But he will continue to get away with it unless and until people start reporting him in writing to human rights agency, the Mayor's and Governor's Offices, the City Council, etc. I urge anybody who has had dealing with Ianiello to report him right now!

Anonymous said...

Mr Ianiello is very unfair and very unprofessional. He is intimidating and can make someone cry. I wanted to complain about him but i did not know who to write to.