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Saturday, December 13, 2014

If You Are Charged With 3020-a, DONT SETTLE Unless You Are Guilty of the Charges

 Time to re-post my June 5, 2010 post on this blog. Theresa Europe is no longer the Director of the ATU. She was moved to the 7th floor, the tiny room next to Room 730-C right beside the Xerox machine.

In my opinion, if you are being falsely charged, DONT SETTLE.

FIGHT, defend yourself, and bring in as many witnesses as you can, all with subpoenas, so that the Department cannot prove the false claims against you.

Betsy Combier

Winning Your 3020-a: Should You Settle?


Anyone going into a 3020-a, who is charged with misconduct or incompetency, or has been told they must/should settle/mediate his/her case, LISTEN UP:

If you do not go through your hearing and thus do not get a decision on the merits of the case from your arbitrator, the New York City Board/Department of Education will keep you on the Ineligible/Inquiry List forever. You will not be declared "innocent" if you settle your case even if you agree to retire.

My suggestion? DONT SETTLE IF YOU ARE INNOCENT OF MISCONDUCT/INCOMPETENCY. I have observed the 3020-a process for seven years, and it is not a fair process for many people, and several arbitrators show bias against Respondents during their Hearings, which can be appealed to the New York State Supreme Court as an Article 7511. Staying in the appeal process is the best way to go until the victims of the NYC BOE Black List can be given information of how to be removed from this "LIST"

By the way, I heard that as of several weeks ago, the List was replaced bya payroll code. 

Below are the emails that a retired teacher sent me a year after he settled. He was shocked to find out that even though he had settled his case, he was still listed as 'ineligible'.

As you all know - if you have read my website or this blog - Theresa Europe is the Director of the Administrative Trials Unit (ATU) at 51 Chambers Street New York City. She is the leader of The Gotcha Squad. 

Here are the emails:

Hi Betsy, 
I, as well as scores of others, were placed on an Ineligible List. This list, according to Theresa Europe is forever! What this does in effect, is to prevent me from ever working in private special education. Keep in mind...I won my case,all charges were dropped, all money I WOULD HAVE MADE insummer programs was given to me...

From: Mr. Teacher
Sent: Thursday, April 29, 2010 11:18 AM
To: Europe Theresa;
Subject: Inquiry list?

Dear Ms. Europe, 

... My frustration comes from the fact that I was not found guilty of anything, monies were returned to me and still for some reason I can't fathom; I am being punished after my retirement. Please keep in mind, that I fully cooperated with the DoE on my as well as other related matters involving a prior lawsuit and its protagonists. We enjoyed a cordial andprofessional relationship which I trust has not been destroyed. I ask again, that you reconsider and assist me in removing my name from the Inquiry/Ineligible list. 


Mr. Teacher

Sent: Thursday, May 13, 2010 1:42 PM
To: Europe Theresa
Subject: Re: Inquiry list?

Dear Ms. Europe: 

I have found an employer that is interested in employing me as a consultant. They checked the Ineligible list and will not begin my employment unless and until my name is removed from that list. My name was placed on that list before any hearings began. My point is simple. I was not found guilty of anything. I retired of my own free will and agreed to irrevocable retirement. I was refunded monies as proof of my innocence. There is no reason in the world for my name to be on a list which blackballs me. Please take whatever measures necessary to remove my name from this list. It is inappropriate to punish people when they are innocent especially when they retire.


Mr. Teacher

Theresa Europe

-----Original Message-----
From: Europe Theresa 
Cc: Gordon Andrew 

Sent: Thu, May 13, 2010 12:36 pm
Subject: RE: Inquiry list?
Good Afternoon,

You are not precluded from working with all vendors but there are some who must check the Inquiry List as part of their contractual terms with the DOE. Should you find a vendor who is interested in hiring you, and they are required to check the Inquiry List, please contact Human Resources as they will review the matter and determine whether your employment with that vendor is appropriate.
Theresa Europe

...I am trying to assist you however, that seems impossible. You spoke of a vendor months ago that which you claim wanted to hire you. I called that person not once but TWICE to discuss your potential employment with that vendor to which, she never returned my call (which leads me to believe that while she may have told you that she wanted to hire you, she actually didn’t since she didn’t return my calls).

You will not be removed from the list. You entered into a stipulation of settlement wherein you irrevocably retired. As such, with EVERY irrevocable retirement/resignation, the person is placed on this list.(emphasis added by Editor) You were not refunded any monies as proof of innocence. We entered into a stipulation and agreed upon terms. If you wanted to be found innocent, you had the option of proceeding with a hearing on the merits. Since the arbitrator did not hear any testimony, you certainly cannot say you were found innocent and conversely, the District cannot say you were found guilty. The merits were not addressed. I have attempted to help you but clearly, your focus is only being removed from the list which we are not going to do. Again, and for the last time, if whatever vendor you claim WANTS to hire you, they should contact Andrew Gordon. You will receive no further communication from this office.

Theresa Europe

How The New York City "Gotcha Squad" Gets Tenured Teachers Declared "Incompetent", and Placed in a Rubber Room by Betsy Combier 

PANG v NYC Board of Education


The Veteran Teacher said...
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Chaz said...
don't see the problem. When you take a deal to irrevocably to resign, the DOE will not hire you. Every teacher knows this but choose to ignore that part of the stipulation.

As for being innocent? When you take a deal the DOE automatically assumes guilt, hence the ineligible list. That is why you do not ttake a deal if you are innocent or the charges are way off base.
Anonymous said...
Today a boy from 4th or 5th grade was arrested by the police because he kissed a girl. The exact circumstances are unknown to me. It happend at PS 106 in Brooklyn NY 11221 (Putnam Ave.). My son and other parents are chocked, the little boy was handcuffed and transported in the back seat of a marked police car to the precinct. The parent coordibator there is Mrs Susi. I would luke to know if such an arrest is legal. No adult other than the two uniformed police officers were in the car. Thanks. A concerned parent.

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