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Sunday, June 11, 2017

The Arrogance and Stupidity of Manhattan Bridges High School Assistant Principal Georges Mathieu

The main point, I think of the story of Georges Mathieu is that when you talk to someone at any public school in New York State - which is a one-party state - assume you are being taped.

But it seems to me that Assistant Principal Georges Mathieu is so arrogant that he probably cannot think about anything but his own immunity from any prosecution, anytime.

This is, as we now know, a mistake.

No one below the principal/Superintendent/Chancellor level is immune all the time in every situation. notice I say anyone "below" those positions. Anyone who is a principal/Superintendent/Chancellor can do anything they want. A case in point is Santiago Taveras, who changed grades at DeWitt Clinton High School because he could as principal, was found guilty by the Office of Special Investigations, and was removed.....only to re-surface at a re-assignment center where he makes his salary and now has a new job and title, something to do with training principals. He is not going anywhere, not even a 3020-a.

Why? he knows too much. He gets put into a 3020-a and big heads -VIPs at the NYC DOE such as Carmen Farina - would roll. In other words, if he gets charged, he may spill alot of beans on important people at the top, and they cannot afford to do that.

So back to Georges. His life as he knew it is over, and he should resign and move on. He wont, he will wait around, hoping for a deal which includes a nice raise and  new title.

Betsy Combier

Listen to this assistant principal try to ‘seduce’ a student

, June 10, 2017
A city assistant principal who boasted “I haven’t gotten caught for anything” was caught apparently trying to seduce a female student who secretly recorded his creepy come-ons, The Post has learned.
Georges Mathieu, 54, an AP at Manhattan Bridges HS in Hell’s Kitchen, is heard on tape pressuring a resistant 17-year-old senior to meet him outside school so they can “spend time” together.

Georges Mathieu
"If things can blossom,” the alleged lothario tells the girl. “My philosophy is this — if you think it’s good, go for it.
“Honestly, I shouldn’t be thinking like that, but I don’t want to be like a 100 years from now thinking I should have … Life is short, you got to enjoy it.”
The city Department of Education has bounced Mathieu — who collected $130,600 in salary and $20,500 in overtime last year – to a disciplinary rubber room.
The office of the Special Commissioner of Investigation for city schools has an open probe, a spokeswoman confirmed.
Manhattan Bridges High School in Manhattan
Mathieu’s conduct came to light in late March after the teen confided to a teacher and guidance counselor that he was sexually harassing her. She turned over a tape of one conversation so officials would believe her, a staffer said.
When asked about the accusations, Mathieu said, “That’s incorrect,” but would not elaborate. “I got to go,” he said, and hung up.
On the tape, obtained by The Post, the girl rebuffs Mathieu’s advances, while prompting him to explain his aggressive pursuit.
The conversation starts when Mathieu confronts the girl near the cafeteria and presses her to explain why she seemed so upset in a conversation he had overheard.
“I know it wasn’t your mom,” he says, speculating that she had an argument with a boyfriend.
“You shouldn’t let a guy have that much control over you to get you so upset,” he says, adding, “You left me for that guy?”
“What do you mean I left you?” she asks.
“You keep running away from me,” he says.
“I need to run,” she replies. “You’re basically one of my teachers.”
“No I’m not, I’m an administrator,” he says.
The girl says she won’t give Mathieu the address where she works after school “because you can’t go.”
Mathieu repeatedly insists, “Why not?”
He calls it “an opportunity to meet, spend time.”
“What do you want to meet me for?” she asks.
Then he explains his philosophy: “If you think it’s good, go for it.”
She tells him, “Well too bad. You’re the administrator and I’m a student. You know if somebody finds out what’s going to happen to me.”
“Nothing,” he says.
“Oh no, everybody’s gonna know — and people are gonna laugh at me … People are not stupid.”
“People are stupid, they are. Take my word for it,” he says.
“You think they’re stupid,” she replies. “When you think somebody’s stupid , they’re smarter than you.”
“Listen,” he says. “I haven’t gotten caught for anything I’ve done in life, and I’ve done things you shouldn’t do.”
The girl retorts: “This is not the first time you’re doing it. You sure you don’t do it to another girl? … I see you talking with a lot of girls.”
A Manhattan Bridges junior told The Post that Mathieu made her uncomfortable last year. She met privately with him to complain about an older boy she had rebuffed who was calling her “a slut” around school.
During their talk, Mathieu asked questions about her relationship with a former boyfriend, she said: “He asked me who I lost my virginity to, and why did I have sex with that person.”
Manhattan Bridges serves many low-income kids and immigrants. All 525 students qualify for a free-lunch, 99 percent are Hispanic, and nearly half are English language learners, records show.

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