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Sunday, July 23, 2017

The NYC Teaching Collaborative: a Quick Way to Become a Full-Time Teacher

Want to be a teacher real bad, but can't spend years on it?

If you have never been certified to teach, then you can apply to the NYC Teaching Collaborative and be an instant teacher.

These newbies can fill all those positions that may be open in October, 2017 so that the principals don't have to hire ATRs.

This quick teaching experience idea is not new, I've written about it in 2014 and 2012:

This ad says "Starts in September 2018". Must be the higher starting salary, up from $49,000.

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Full Time


Details: • Starting salary of at least $56,711 and full benefits following the residency experience (starting September 2018)




Every student in New York City deserves an excellent teacher. The NYC Teaching Collaborative is an alternative certification program designed to provide training and support to aspiring teachers who dedicate themselves to raising student achievement and effecting change in New York City's highest-need schools.

The Collaborative Experience
The NYC Teaching Collaborative affords aspiring teachers the opportunity to apprentice in a New York City public school for eight months prior to becoming a full-time teacher. During this unique, practical preparation, participants grow into effective teachers through hands-on experiences in a public school classroom and targeted, ongoing coaching from skilled Collaborative Coaches and program staff. In the summer, participants begin Master's degree coursework to complement their second residency experience and lay the groundwork for a successful teaching career.

Following the residency experience, program participants begin teaching full-time in a New York City school with continued feedback and support. Within 2-3 years, participants earn their Master’s degree and apply for initial NYS teaching certification to continue their career as New York City teachers. 

Why Join the NYC Teaching Collaborative?
Build the foundation of your teaching career through a supportive, practice-based training experience. NYC Teaching Collaborative benefits include:
  • Stipend during residency experience
  • Starting salary of at least $56,711 and full benefits following the residency experience (starting September 2018)
  • Partially subsidized Master’s degree in education
  • Ongoing coaching and feedback
  • Opportunities to support future Collaborative cohorts
Who We Are Looking For
We represent a wide range of personal and professional backgrounds. Successful collaborative participants possess:
  • Commitment to raising the academic achievement of students in low-income communities
  • Desire to join a community of educators at a high-need school
  • Ability to respond well to coaching and feedback
  • Success and leadership in past endeavors
  • Perseverance in the face of challenges
  • Ability to think critically and analytically
  • Desire to grow professionally and seek new opportunities to learn
  • Integrity and clarity in all interactions
  • Passion for working with the youth of New York City
To be eligible, candidates must not have been previously certified to teach and cannot have completed more education coursework than a minor’s degree.
Apply by our first priority deadline of Tuesday, August 8:



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