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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Joel I. Klein, Speaker For Hire

Joel Klein has hired a booking agent and will speak at YOUR event!

Joel Klein Speaker Bio

and, you can find out more about Mr. Klein by emailing to them.

We wonder whether or not the Conflicts of Interest Board knows about this, or if this is completely ok...I mean, receiving $250,000 from the City of New York to pretend to be Chancellor (please re-read my article on,
The "Who Are You Kidding??" Award Goes To: Joel Klein, New York City Board of Education Pretender)

and the article about how New York City took away the vote for the school board for the New York City School District in order to not have any interference by the taxpayers and constitutents.

The biggest question is this: what information does Joel Klein have on education? How to get rid of parents and teachers and "do your own thing" in the public school system? Is he the Jack Welch of the education business?

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