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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Secret Emails From The DOE To Partners In Crime, Finally Revealed

The UFT FOILed emails between DOE and the charter lobbyists and got a large bunch of messages after long delay and obstructionism from DOE.  Apparently more emails are coming. 

Reporters received pages of these emails as well as the UFT, and some wrote stories; Diane Ravitch blogged about them.   
But until today, no one had posted them all online. 
The ones I’ve seen make it appear that Klein, and others at Tweed, including the DOE lobbyist, Micah Lasher, were working for the privateers and the hedge-funders more than they were working for our  kids.
Here are all the emails released so far (in PDF form).  Please take a look, and leave any observations and/or especially revealing exchanges in the comments section.  The most interesting finds I will add to the blog post itself. The emails are in eleven parts:
Part 9. Part 10. Part 11.

Here's a fun email from Bradley Tusk, the political consultant who worked with Lasher to raise the cap, to Maura Keaney of DOE, which was included in Part 10:

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