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Saturday, November 14, 2009

What is District 65?

I have a question. When a teacher is fined after a 3020-a hearing, or makes a settlement, where does this money go?

I have heard that the arbitrators on the panel at 51 Chambers Street - where the hearings both for the Administrative Trials Unit (ATU) and the Teacher Performance Unit (TPU) take place - are still not getting paid, so the thousands of dollars possibly are not going to them.

Then, last week, a teacher read a memo from a NYC BOE Attorney currently at 51 Chambers street, who wrote that the penalty won by the NYCBOE in her case was paid to "District 65".

I would like anyone to email me or send me a note to the address below with any information. All letters will be kept confidential. In fact, send any information at all to the addresses below, with proof, of anyone who works at a school who you have seen doing something wrong, and this may be looked into by people who do that sort of thing:

Betsy Combier
P.O. Box 17
NY., NY 10021

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