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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The NYC DOE Police/Safety Officer Scam

We know that when a teacher or parent goes to a police station in New York City and tries to file a complaint against a principal or other administrator at his or her [child's] school, the police will not take the complaint.
This leads to principal immunity.

There are very few reporters who report on this topic, but they should, as principals are getting away with illegal, harmful, and improper actions in public schools throughout the New York City area. See my summation in a case where a special needs boy was placed in a room at a suspension site without services, without any academic learning, and no lunch, for a year.

Anyone with any facts about child or staff abuse by a principal or Superintendent should email me at

There are many people and groups involved in making sure that principals have the Power in their schools to lie, cheat and steal at any time.

One player in this immunity racket is the New York City Police Department (NYPD). It is easy to see how the police are not willing to pursue charges against a principal, just try to file charges at any local police station against a principal who has harmed your child or you. You wont get very far. Here is an example of how this works (of course I mean doesnt work)

Several years ago two students were standing outside the main office at Sheepshead Bay High School waiting to see the program person about their schedules, when a man named Kenneth Jacobs came flying out of the office and he started beating up one of the girls. He tore her blouse open, beat her chest, and, when he realized that he was on the hallway video, picked up the girls' backpacks and ran into the office. The girls followed him, and he started hitting one of the girls again. The second girl tried to help her friend, and this man picked her up and threw her against one of the desks in the office. The two girls were taken from the school by ambulance, where their mothers met them. The girl who had been repeatedly hit by Jacobs had bruises all over her chest area. Her mother took pictures.

One of the mothers had my name as an advocate, so I and a colleague went to Brooklyn and met the mother, father, and brother of the girl who had the pictures from the wounds, at the police precinct near to the school. We all met with three detectives, and told them what happened. After two hours there, they told us that they could not take our complaint. Why? Because Jacobs had filed a complaint against the girls first, therefore the girls were just angry, and retaliating against him. the pictures were ignored. The next day I went to the Court and found a stack of police records filed under thename of Kenneth Jacobs, and there was a mug shot, and I knew it was the same man. Seems that jacobs was a friend of the Superintendent at the time, and he stayed in his job.

Both girls were suspended for a year. I helped one of the girls get into a Catholic High School and find an attorney when the DA's office called the parent and told her that she had to go to court for a misdemeanor charge filed by Jacobs. we got the charge dismissed.

I and the parents reported jacobs to the Office of Special Investigations, or OSI. We went to see Dennis Boyles. Dennis kept me in the room while he asked one of the girls questions about what happened. Then he told this girl to go to the next room and ask her friend to come in. While Boyles and I were in the room alone, Boyles told me, "You know my daughter got into trouble when she was 15 years old, and it only cost me $5000 to get her out of the mess. How about it?" I said I would not pay for any release, period. The second girl came in and brought copies of the pictures of her wounds, and Dennis was no longer interested in pursuing the matter. I believe he stopped his quest for "the truth" when he found out that neither i nor the girls' parents would pay him to take the charge against Jacobs. After we left, we never heard from him again.
We - I and the parents went to all the NYPD precincts in Brooklyn, not a single person would take a complaint against Jacobs.

At 3020-a, as NYSUT represents the Union and not the individual charged with misconduct, the NYSUT attorney will not look into what the Principal was doing in the school at the time the teacher was charged. They, the NYSUT Attorneys, say this is not relevant to the charged allegations.

Betsy Combier, Editor

FILE- In this May 6, 2011 file photo, New York City Police Commissioner Ray Kelly, left, talks with Paul Browne, the department's Deputy Commissioner of Public Information, at City Hall in New York. Lately, Brown has come under fire from local media as well as community activists for a series of flip-flops, hedges and retractions he has made on behalf of the Department. (AP Photo/Richard Drew, File)

New York police spokesman comes under fire

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