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Friday, January 27, 2012

Teacher Unionism The "Right" Way

Teacher Unionism Reborn

by Lois Weiner

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28 year retired NYC teacher said...

This idea of "unionism" tethered to, in the service of, and taken over by "power-to-the-people" leftism is leftover 60's crap. I guess its what happens when leftists pour their old wine into new bottles and call it the "social justice" movement.
Unionism is a potent special interest force only when its efforts are focused on improving the working conditions, protections, and benefits of its members.
YES, it is absolutely clear that the union leadership has made horrible tactical decisions. YES, they have done the opposite of what real unionist would have done
And YES, to maintain their lucrative positions they have fostered a policy of misleading the active teachers about just how bad these decisions have been (and depend on the retired teachers to keep them in power). But this notion that the way to revive unionism is to infuse it with the "social justice" movement is recognized for what it is and is a sure loser.