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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Mike Mulgrew And The ATR Issues: I Gave At The Office

The ATR problems are not going to be solved anytime soon by the Unity leaders at the UFT.

A UFT member reported the following from the May 16 Delegate Assembly:

Date: Thursday, May 17, 2012, 7:18 AM

At last night's delegate assembly, I raised the issue of the union's cyncial "solution" to the UFT's disenfranchisment of ATRs in the union elections.  Many ATRs had no place to vote in teh union elections as they trudge from school to school on a weekly basis, where they are treated as non-people until they move on the next week.  This week-to-week trek was agreed upon by the union and the DOE last spring, as part of the deal that there be no teacher layoffs.  Last fall, I and others put forward motions for the ATRs be accorded their full voting rights with their own chapter. We have been fighting for this for several years, and it has always been brushed off with the excuse that their situation is only "temporary."  

Last week, the UFT leadership announced a "solution" -- with chapter elections upon us, they decided, ATRs would vote at the school where they are for the week the elections are held. This is outrageous -- how can ATR teachers effectively advocate for their needs when they are "here today, gone tomorrow," and the chapter representatives are not accountable to them. 

Yesterday, when I raised this issue in the question period at the delegate assembly,  Mulgrew refused to let me get a sentence out, interrupting me, harassing and yelling, "What's your question," "Make it a question," "That's not a question!" Following his lead, a passel of Unity delegates obediently picked up the jeer. Over the din, I was finally able to get out, "My question is, how do you justify this outrageous cynical disenfranchisement of the ATRs' right to vote?" and saying "the ATRs need their own chapter."

Mulgrew answered with a time-honored evasion:  The union is in arbitration, he said, because the DOE has not kept to its commitment to place ATRs in open positions, and long-term vacancies.  Until this arbitration is settled, the union is doing the "best it can" to give ATRs voting rights. He was silent on the fact that the weekly trek of ATRs is happening with the consent of the UFT leadership, which agreed to it as part of the deal on layoffs last spring.

Don't worry, I will keep on raising this issue. With more schools closing than ever, there will be a huge swelling of the ATR pool next fall. As we all know, "If you're not ATR, you could be soon." The fight for rights of ATR teachers is everyone's fight.

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Polo Colon said...

The UFT and DOE's dirty little secret is that they are in bed together on many issues. Remember Weingarten's and Kleins' famous hugging pose? Likewise Randi handpicked her successor, Mulgrew, while the actual leader of the UFT, Michael Mendel, remains as the Puppet Master, same as Bloomberg is the Dictator of all education issues of the Board of Education. Another dirty hidden laundry is that ATRs are an embarrassment to the UFT as they are to the DOEs expediency program for overturning the highly paid and experienced tenured teachers out of the system. Stupidly, the UFT undermines itself by allowing the DOE to call all the shots as the UFT responds with reactionary facade as if they truly meant to offer any real resistance. The DOE undermines tenure and tenured teachers as the UFT acquiesces and helps them liquidate the Union. The ATRs are the expendables, the sacrificial lambs in this pedagogicide being promulgated bipartisanly.