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Thursday, October 25, 2012

ATR Meetings

Remaining ATR official UFT ATR meetings:

Thu., Oct. 25 Official Brooklyn ATR meeting**, 4-6; alternative mini-meeting, Au Bon Pain, 70 Myrtle Ave, 1/2 block east of Starbucks at Jay St. (a direct trajectory from Brooklyn UFT HQ), facing Metrotech Commons (park), 6-7 or 730.

Mon., Oct. 29 Official Brooklyn ACR meeting**, 4-6; alternative mini-meeting, Au Bon Pain, 70 Myrtle Ave,, 6-7 or 730.

**Brooklyn HQ is 335 Adams St., between Johnson St. and Willoughby St., near 2,3,4,5,R Boro Hall and A,C,F,R Jay St. Boro Hall

Thu., Nov. 1 Official Manhattan ACR/ATR meeting***, 4-6; alternative mini-meeting, Cafe Exchange, 49 Broadway,  6-7 or 730.

***Manhattan HQ is 52 Broadway, near 4,5 Wall St., Rector St. R
Mon., Nov. 5 Official Queens ACR/ATR meeting****, 4-6

****Queens HQ is 97-77 Queens Blvd., alternative mini-meeting: Ben's Best Gourmet Deli, 96-40 Queens Blvd. 63Rd Dr. Sta. M, R, 6-7 or 730

General citiwide meeting:
Unsatisfied with the evasive answers you get to these questions in this well-managed top-down meeting?  Join the meeting of ATRs in
the ATR Chapter Committee, organized by ACRs and ATRs 
place: Meet at the Skylight Diner (in the back) at 402 W 34th St. (SW corner of 9th Ave.), Manhattan,
date: Thurs., November 8, 2012, 5:00 pm.  Please RSVP to


Anonymous said...

when is the queens meeting???

Anonymous said...

when will the queens meeting be held?

Anonymous said...

Dear reporter.Your blog and other important blogs (such as Ednotes)are known to a very small percentage of the uft membership and the general population.In order to make a dent we must have a much bigger number of readers.Otherwise the doe and the uft will not take us seriously.

Anonymous said...

Queens: Nov. 5th.

ano said...

Our 1st challenge should be to reach as many uft members as possible.As long as we are a tiny group who read your blog (and other activists'blogs) the uft will not take us seriously.