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Monday, October 7, 2013


A new team fighting for NYC DOE employees' rights:


DBA of Theater Kids, Inc. 

Advocatz' purpose is to stop and vacate the judgment of "substantiated" false claims by investigating agencies - OSI, SCI, OEO - and defend the legal and contractual rights of all who are brought to grievances, mediation, arbitration, settlement and any other administrative hearing . We help people understand who the people are, what the process is, and how an individual victimized by false claims can defend him or herself in the compulsory arbitration known as 3020-a or other administrative hearings and/or grievances.

Arbitration is not a Court of record. You do not have to be a lawyer to work in arbitration, nor to represent/assist at arbitration in New York State. Several arbitrators on the NYC 3020-a Panel are not attorneys and at least one is not licensed to practice in New York State. I am not an Attorney and do not represent anyone. I assist people in getting to where they want to be in their careers.

If you have been re-assigned from your duties, have taken PIP+, are a probationary staff member discontinued from service for no Just Cause, believe you are a whistleblower retaliated against in violation of your rights to speak out as a private citizen on a matter of public concern, and/or any person who believes that he or she has been falsely accused of incompetency or misconduct, email Betsy Combier at

We work with Attorneys who subpoena witnesses, submit Motions To Dismiss charges, and argue for compliance with 3020-a Law on the determination of probable cause, the Just Cause Standard, Section 2590-h, and Section 3020-a. We work on Article 75 and 78 appeals, Part 83 Appeals, First Department Appeals, and civil actions in State and Federal Court.

Paralegal Betsy Combier has 14 years of experience observing, documenting, and studying the 3020-a process as well as the underlying laws which supposedly apply to the discipline process for employees. She is a paralegal, advocate for individual and collective rights, and an investigative reporter. She is a graduate of NYU, Johns Hopkins, and Northwestern University, and has been a reporter/journalist/advocate for more than 35 years. She edits the following websites and blogs:, NYC Rubber Room Reporter, New York Court Corruption, National Public Voice, NYC Public Voice, and Inside 3020-a Teachers' Trials.

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