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Sunday, January 18, 2015

On The United Federation of Teachers Not Defending Members

By Kim Janos
Times Ledger, January 18, 2015

Michael Mulgrew, UFT President

The United Federation of Teachers has long been perceived as a powerful union in New York City. So, why would so many of its members find themselves in need of legal representation when they find themselves unfairly targeted by an unethical principal when members pay so much in dues?
This is the question many teachers are asking. So many of us are being harassed, abused and even brought up on false charges. In the age of “accountability,” the only accountable people seem to be teachers. Administrators do not need to account for anything, even abusing their employees. Teachers will call on their chapter leader and district reps only to be given false information. The UFT does NOT want members to know their rights. Why?
When teachers find themselves unfairly targeted by their principal, even after an excellent career, there is very little they can do. Their only course of action is to get an attorney. Expensive veteran teachers are encouraged by their union representatives to retire. Whether they are financially able or not is irrelevant. Untenured teachers are told to just resign and move on to other careers. It doesn’t matter if the accusations against the teacher are founded or not. If the principal decides you are the target, you have no chance. If that principal wants to lie, manipulate, use other teachers against a particular teacher, there is nothing the UFT will do about it.
That’s the little secret the UFT doesn’t want to get out: they are powerless and they don’t want members to know.
My question is why pay union dues to a union that doesn’t support its members and only exists to pay fat salaries to union leaders who do absolutely nothing?
New York City teachers deserve better. They deserve new union leadership — one that will advocate for its members.

Kim Janos, Teacher
Fresh Meadows


Anonymous said...

If the DOE wanted to completely break the union, all they would have to do is offer prescription drugs, dental and vision for $50 a month and many members would jump ship. Members could take the other 50 a month, currently spent on nonexistent representation, and put it into a legal defense savings account that could be used for a proper defense from a competent advocate. Down with the useless UFT!!!!

Anonymous said...

All the retires in Florida and California or whereas the major base is needs to read this article. They should also know that their vote has been carrying Unity to victory and thus has perpetuated the fat cats in power who are more interested in the status quo than helping members. They are criminals pocketing union dues and doing nothing to help. the retirees should vote for solidarity in the next election and kick out the pimple faced pretender to the throne who calls himself Mulgrew.

Unknown said...

It has been like this in LA for several years. We are suing the district , but I feel this is more the unions doing . In LAUSD teachers have no legal insurance, which is kinda why you pay dues. Now they pay dues to cover vacations to Japan. 5 star hotels in Palm Springs and bonuses for reps that have thrown teachers to the wolves. Over 10, 000 teachers have lost their positions tonTFA interns.Frankly m I figured you guys had been afforded a reprieve with the new mayor , but my guess is the Givernor I'd eager to push you out too
It is unethical, violates the constitution and these free market free loaders don't see that crippling a profession full of baby boomers will have a negative effect on the overall economy .
I guess Obama care will buffer some of that, but that is still fleecing the public and smearing people who work hard for modest pay.
Are all these administrators just such spineless sociopaths and sadists , they're all seems impossible so many people will take part in such an ugly thing.