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Sunday, November 8, 2015

MS 226 Principal Rushell White Calls Assistant Principal David Possner a "Bad Jew"

David Possner's lawyer is Steve Morelli, one of the Attorneys ADVOCATZ works with in 3020-a cases and Complaints.

It would be my opinion that Rushell White and/or the CSA (David's Union) could have, or should have, quickly transferred David out of MS 226 before the case had to be filed in Federal Court with an Order To Show Cause. Waiting on this and harassing David Possner is not a solution, Principal White.

Betsy Combier, Editor, NYC Rubber Room Reporter
President, ADVOCATZ

Principal Rushell White

School worker files lawsuit alleging principal taunted him as ‘bad Jew’

MS 226

A Jewish school administrator claims in a federal lawsuit that he was “tormented” by his principal who considered him “on the wrong side of God.”
David Possner, an assistant principal at MS 226 in South Ozone Park, Queens, claims in the Manhattan suit that colleagues texted him about a work assignment during Yom Kippur.
Because he used his phone to read the text and reply — which goes against Orthodox custom on High Holy Days — they called him a “bad Jew.”
When he alerted Principal Rushell White, a Christian, to the harassment, she allegedly replied, “Maybe you are a bad Jew,” according to court papers.
White also allegedly “callously targeted” Possner, who is demanding a transfer out of the school.
She once ordered him to pick up a half-eaten plum off the floor in view of school custodians, who then teased him and texted that he should “pick up fruit stuck in their butts,” according to court papers.
When a student set off third-floor fire extinguishers during the 2012-13 school year, White accused Possner, although he’d been supervising kids on the first floor, he charges.
White said she had “one Jew too many” in the school, Possner claims.
The Department of Education declined to comment.
More on Principal Rushell White:

Queens school eyed for cheating on state exams

by Ben Chapman, NY Daily News

Rushell White, principal of Junior High School 226, accused of telling teachers to give students test questions and extra time

State officials are investigating a Queens principal accused of ordering teachers to help students cheat on April’s high-stakes English exams, the Daily News has learned.
Principal Rushell White allegedly told teachers at Junior High School 226 to give students the test questions beforehand - and to let them have extra time, according to four teachers interviewed by The News.
“It’s unfair to the students,” said one instructor who asked to remain anonymous because he fears retribution.
The teachers said that White encouraged instructors at the C-rated school to skirt testing protocols in order to boost kids’ exam scores, which are used to decide whether students are promoted to the next grade. Also,if a school does particularly well on the tests, its principal may get a bonus.
Two teachers said that White urged them to share some test questions with sixth graders at a meeting before the exam.
“She told a room full of teachers to give kids the questions ahead of time,” one shocked instructor told The News, adding, “I wouldn’t do it. I wouldn’t cheat.”
But other teachers at the meeting may have taken White’s advice to share questions from the listening portion of the exam ahead of time, the instructor said.
White also extended the amount of time allotted for the exams from 90 minutes to nearly two hours in some classrooms, said two teachers who gave kids the extra time.

Principal Rushell White of Junior High School  226 in South Ozone Park, Queens, has been 

accused of pushing teachers to reveal test questions and give students extra time to take crucial 

state exams.

“If you have an extra twenty minutes, you can go over the test to check your answers. It’s easier to do well,” said one of the teachers.
White, who earns $123,834 and has worked in the Department of Education since 1998, didn’t return multiple calls for comment on this story.
State Education officials said they received an anonymous allegation detailing the charges these teachers have made against White, and they are investigating the claims.
“We take all complaints seriously, and we will follow up on the allegations here,” state Education Department spokesman Jonathan Burman said.
The state’s annual math and reading tests have encountered more controversy than usual this year.
Last month, state education officials yanked a question about a talking pineapple from the test because it didn’t make sense.
Other bunk questions and scoring problems are still being discovered in the tests, prompting top city and state education officials to call for improvements next year.

Rampaging teens caught on camera AGAIN flooding Queens neighborhood 
after school
Wills is a filandering crook. Him and his girlfriend principal Rushell White spent up that 30 grand he stole.

May 18, 2013, 10:08 am"

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