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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

The Francesco Portelos Mob: Who Are They?

I am posting my opinion about the cult/gang known as Francesco Portelos and UFT Solidarity. He is evidently now investigating me, and I him.

I will publish the facts of this mob on this blog as part of the lawsuit which is about to be filed. The people in this mob/cult are willing to make up lies about you, harm your work, your relationship with your employer, and your family to retaliate against you if you tell them anything they dont like. They believe in back-stabbing. They do not belong in public education.

The people in his cult who you need to be careful of or stay away from are:

Francesco Portelos
Lydia Howrilka

Johnathan Hinesley

Lucio Celli
Victor Jordan
Danielle Kushner
Claudia Giordano Lasky

The very sad truth about the Francesco Portelos brand is that if you openly discard his group UFT Solidarity, or disagree with Francesco on going after and tainting the reputation of the Principal of your school, or a colleague, he will target you in the name of "UFT Solidarity" and charge you with crimes and false claims made up by him  to silence you. His list of "bad" Principals puts people in danger. An example: a UFT member I have been speaking with was told a few months ago by her principal, "I know it was you who put my name on the website, anonymously, but I am going to get you for doing that."

Nothing this teacher could say would change the Principal's mind.

A few weeks ago, she was charged with 3020-a and re-assigned.

Francesco's caucus UFT Solidarity and his mom are ready to harm you if you dare to interfere with their attacks on family and friends.

I hate to think what will happen now to educators who are not tenured. A principal can discontinue you for any and no reason. It is possible that the Francesco Portelos brand gives them leverage to accuse anyone of undermining the safety of a school. Many months ago Francesco started Edufoil where he makes money by filing Freedom of Information requests for people. I heard recently that a request for the ratings of principals for 2013-2014 was paid for, and denied, and the EdFOIL people (Francesco? who?) asked for money to appeal, although the ratings are not available through FOIL. A scam. Francesco was angry I called it that. I have written FOIL requests for a thousand years (I am that old) and have never charged a dime.

I also never charge for consultations.

More than a year ago a man attended one of my client's 3020-a hearings. His name was Victor Jordan, and he told me he heard about the hearing via some African-American network. I welcomed him. He told me that he had just graduated from Law School in Albany, and he planned to take the Bar Exam. I told him that maybe, after he became a practicing attorney, he and I could work together. He told me that would be a great idea. In February 2015 Victor passed the Bar Exam. He still could not practice Law. On his bio you can see that in 2014-2015 he was an Adjunct Professor of Law Law at Empire State College. Did his students know that he was not an Attorney? Did he tell them? I do not know.

What I do know is that he is not admitted to the bar yet, unless the Second Department has admitted him since I last checked.

Then in June, he wrote a very strange letter to Naeemah Lamont, the Director of the Teacher Performance Unit (TPU) which handles the incompetency panel for 3020-a in NYC:

June 16, 2015                                                 Victor Jordan
                                                                        965 East 31st Street
                                                                        Brooklyn, NY 11210
                                                                        (718) 679-1940                         

Naeemah Lamont
NYC Department of Education
52 Chambers Street,
New York, NY 10007

Dear Ms. Lamont:

            I passed the New York State Bar Examination in February of this year.  (Please see the attached).  However, before I can submit my application for Bar membership, I must submit with my application a declaration that I have completed 50 hours of pro bono legal services. (Please see the attached).  I would like to perform the 50 hours of pro bono legal services at the Department of Education (DOE) by serving as the advocate for a teacher who is unable to pay for these services.

            In terms of my background, (1) I am a former mathematics teacher with the DOE, with 14 years of service, (2) at my law school’s legal clinic I represented indigent plaintiffs at administrative tribunals, and in state and federal court, and, in addition, (3) I have observed four 3020-a proceedings at the DOE, two of these hearings in their entirety.

 Thank you for your time and thoughtful consideration in this matter, I look forward to speaking with you soon.

Yours truly,


A few days before Francesco's UFT Solidarity general meeting on September 20, 2015 in Queens, Francesco called me up and said, do you think I will win the UFT Presidency?

I was honest, and said "No". Then he went after me.

Victor Jordan attended the September 20th meeting and he evidently told everyone (3 people called me to tell me) that he was an Attorney and he specialized in 3020-a. He is not allowed to say he is an attorney, because while he passed the bar in February 2015, he has not passed the Character and Fitness Committee. I called him, and asked him whether or not he mentioned anything to anyone about 3020-a or being an attorney. He yelled at me "NO" "I did NOT!!" and he demanded to know the name of the 3 people who had told me that he had spoken about these matters. I said that I never reveal names, and he hung up. A day later I received the following letter in the mail as well as in email:

I emailed Victor that his letter was not appropriate. He said he "had no choice" I told him "yes you did". Then I emailed him that he was not welcome at any 3020-a hearing that I worked on as the advocate/paralegal.

I called Johnathan Hinesley to see if he knew about Jim's speech and Francesco's video. He said my name was never mentioned . He  then told me that he was going to attend all my hearings, because he was going to law school and wanted to learn about how to do these hearings. I told Johnathan that I do not allow mobbing of my client, and he would not be welcome. He started yelling that he was going to attend, and there was nothing I could do. There is. My clients do not want a mob watching, and my clients come first.

The most egregious acts of the terror mob came next. 

Lucio Celli lied about several people, including me, to one of the Attorneys I work with. Lucio then called me a LIAR and could see why people HATE me, and "they" were gathering evidence to file against me with the DA.

LL, who started the ATR Support Group, expressed concern about a teacher at a school after Francesco Portelos sent a letter asking the principal why there was so much harassment. I supported LL's concern, saying that people will be targeted because of Francesco's mobbing the schools. Francesco then released private and confidential information he had about LL, telling her and everyone else on the facebook page:

"I'm sorry that our free advocacy work has hindered your money making advocacy work, but don't spread lies....I think you are afraid you will get less work and thus you are sabotaging us."

Francesco then imbedded a comment to South Bronx blogger with a form to fill out that he can get me put into prison for telling people I am an Attorney. This is, in my opinion, wire fraud.

I'm not. Never told anyone that, and I do not give legal advice.

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Anonymous said...

Francesco needs to be hit with the wire fraud suit as that's the only thing that will teach him his lesson.