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Friday, February 26, 2016

Field Supervisor James Quail: Background

Field Supervisor James Quail retired as Superintendent, and went back to the NYC DOE after 6 months to work F-Status 3-4 days per week, paid per diem, as a "Field Supervisor", a new title for ATR observers who are not in the school at which the educator who is observed, works.

James Quail

Educational Consultant and Support Specialist
  1. NYC Department of Education
  2. New York State Education Department
  1. Columbia University Teachers College


School District Superintendent

NYC Department of Education
  2012 (9 years)District 14, Brooklyn
• In the past ten years, a total of seven professionals from my former school became 
principals within the Department of Education while four of them serve as leaders of
schools within the District.
• Assisted in the planning and development of various study group teams in order to support professional development and bring about instructional improvements, particularly around English as a Second Language acquisition and gifted education.
• Attended numerous professional development conferences at Harvard, Columbia, and St. John’s University and at various locations within the metropolitan area.
• Requested to deliver professional development workshops for school leaders, regional staff and other local instructional superintendents within the Department of Education and at Georgetown University.
• Improved instruction through the use of professional learning communities within each school.
• Facilitated a Best Practice in each school that focused on student work, primarily in the area of written expression.
• Guided school leaders in building capacity with their schools so that they worked with a sense of organization for effort and efficacy. These schools never experienced one issue with their budgets and or use of resources.
• Worked with Regional support staff in providing professional development to school leaders on aligning budgets to meet the instructional and diversified needs of schools.
• Spearheaded a national health and nutrition pilot program that now operates in many schools within the District.
• Developed a mentoring program that served to link and create working relationships between elementary, middle and high schools.
• Encouraged schools and professionals to share and visit each other as they became smarter about the work related to instruction and Best Practices. 
• Gained the respect and admiration of all members of the Community Education Council within the District.
(Open)1 recommendation
Margaret Tull
Office Manager, Office of School Support & Supervision at NYC Department of Education
James is a brilliant and professional educator. He is a phenomenal leader with excellent and credible qualifications. I commend him for his outstanding and devoted services to the children of NYC public school system.View

Principal --PS 250

NYC Department of Education
  2003 (25 years)Brooklyn, New York
Principal of a large elementary school with almost 90% free lunch students and in my last year of leadership, the school attained a 97.3 % attendance rate, no suspensions and almost 90% of its tested students achieved proficiency in reading and math. The school had excellent parent and caregiver participation along with strong community engagement and support. Great staff who planned collaboratively and worked feverishly to provide a caring and nurturing environment for students. Approximately, 7 principals started their careers in this award winning school.

Director of Summer Meals Program

NYC Department of Education
  August 2001 (10 years 3 months)City-wide
Supervised over 900 teachers working in the summer meals program along with school aides, coordinators and a central office staff assigned to support this program.

School Under Registration Review Team Member

New York State Education Department
  June 2001 (5 years 10 months)Greater New York City Area
Served as a team member who visited schools in need of support to assess, monitor and make recommendations for school improvement.

General Assistant in Summer High Schools

NYC Department of Education
  August 1990 (1 year 3 months)Various high schools in New York City.
Supervised staff and supported the summer principal in all matters, including teacher observations and development, transportation, ordering supplies, testing and setting schedules.

Examining Assistant for NYC Board of Examiners

NYC Department of Education
  August 1990 (8 years 3 months)Greater New York City Area
Rendered examinations for the position of teacher, principal, educational assistant and various other titles. Also, helped develop and mark various examinations in these license areas.

Assistant Principal

NYC Department of Education
  November 1978 (5 years 6 months)PS 250 Brooklyn
Served as an instructional assistant supervising grades 4 and 5 along with handling various administrative responsibilities, including supplies, ordering, scheduling and personnel.

Curriculum Writer

NYC Department of Education
  September 1976 (3 months)Brooklyn, New York
Developed and wrote a grade four planning guide that was shared with all teachers in New York City.


I have spent my entire career in education focusing on the improvement of teaching and learning while creating positive and supportive environments for all students. At the present time, I would like to continue my journey by supporting schools in this exciting and challenging work. I have been given the exceptional opportunity to work and learn with some of the greatest educators, parents, students and community organizations who gave tirelessly to meet the diverse needs of all learners.

Volunteer Experience & Causes

Community School Board 30 Queens
Elected to School Board 30 in Queens and volunteered my time and service for this school community.

Leukemia and Lymphoma Society
Assisted and supported my daughter who was nominated to be Woman of the Year with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. She is raising money to support cancer research since she lost a dear friend to this disease. Her thirteen year old neighbor and her mom have battled this sickness. This has provided an added impetus for her to engage herself with LLS.

Honors & Awards

Distinguished Educator

New York State Education Department

New York State Assembly Proclamation

Assembly of New York State


The Council of the City of New York

Congressional Record Recognition

Congresswoman Nydia Velasquez

Brooklyn Borough President Proclamation

Borough President Marty Markowitz

Who's Who in Education

Who's Who


 Outstanding Educator Recogniton

New York Post


Phi Delta Kappa

Starting June 1976

Association of Teachers of New York

Starting September 1979

New York Academy of Public Education

Starting September 1991

Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development

Starting September 2003
2003 – 2008


Professional Diploma in Administration and Supervision, Educational Leadership and AdministrationGeneral

Bachelor's degree, Education
Additional Info
  Advice for Contacting James
I can be reached at 914 589 2979 or email at

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