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Sunday, July 17, 2016

MS 226 Principal Rushell White Key Words: Checks From Ruben Wills

Under the business model for education, Rushell White, Principal of MS 226, can take all the money she wants from Ruben Wills, and do whatever she wants with it.

Ruben Wills and Rushell White
The job of a principal in New York City is to be a CEO, a Chief Executive Officer. Unfortunately, there is no Board of Directors to oversee what happens right, or wrong. That is the mistake that has changed the face of education in America, and certainly New York City. 
Rushell White

Principals have too much unchecked power. The Principal's Union, CSA, defends the rights of their members to have total power over their school.

When I reported the $225,000 missing grant money at PS 6 (Carmen Farina was Principal) from the Annenberg Challenge For the Arts,  to Annenberg in or about 2001, their final conclusion after all the grants had been assessed, was that the money should not have been given to principals without safeguards for its' use. Without safeguards in place, too many principals did not use the money correctly, as the grant required.

That's the problem.  Principals have unilateral power. And, without the necessary safeguards for using money within the school, the possibility that nefarious actions may occur is unsurprisingly high.

In 2004, I published the letters from the UFT on the Special Education Mess, with children not getting the services they needed. Special education remains a mess, and I keep publishing the missing services and money on my blogs and website I still represent children and their parents at Impartial Hearings. No one at the DOE is fixing anything, and special education teachers are getting hit with 3020-a. Alot of them.

See NYC UFT Gives an Overview of the 'Special Education Mess'

The Checks

A picture is worth a thousand words.

When you enter MS 226, you quickly see huge pictures of checks on the wall. The checks -  the representations of checks - are from District #28 City Council Member Ruben Wills, to MS 226 (the school is in District 27). The checks add up to $500,000, but the real amount given last year was more than $1 million.

For what? Supposedly, technology. Here is where the facts stop and guessing begins. What technology? Where is it?  No comment from the school.  In the school library, TVs and computers are missing.

A former custodian says that Wills, who makes a visit once a day to the school (wife does not come along) and White stay in the building until very late, and that there is often an officer from the nearby police precinct, NYPD precinct #106, stationed at the door. Students have reported seeing the pair kissing each other in a car early in the morning. Questions about this "affair" have not yet been answered.

There is no doubt at all that Mr. Wills is in alot of trouble right now.

Queens Councilman, Facing Criminal Charges — Doesn't Show up in Court — Or at City Hall

Already indicted City Councilman Ruben Wills busted again for filing bogus reports to hide finances: officials

Ruben Wills arrested

NEW YORK DAILY NEWS,  February 3, 2015,

An already-indicted Queens City Councilman is in fresh trouble with the law.
Ruben Wills, 46, was arrested Tuesday morning on charges he filed bogus documents with the city Conflicts of Interest Board, officials said.
The Jamaica Democrat filed a total of five bogus financial disclosure reports between 2011 and 2012 in which he concealed his extracurricular dealings, the state Attorney General’s office said.
State Attorney General EricSchneiderman said submitting phony documents “is a serious crime” that could land Wills behind bars for up to four years if convicted.
Wills has been caught in Schneiderman’s crosshairs before.
He was busted in May for allegedly stealing public campaign funds and using the cash for a pricey Louis Vuitton handbag and shopping sprees at Nordstrom and Century 21 and other locales.
He’s also accused of taking a $33,000 member item from since-convicted Sen. Shirley Huntley for his sham charity but pocketing most of it. Those charges are pending.
The $112,500-a-year pol hasn’t exactly been lighting it up at work either - the Daily News reported in December that he’d missed 27% of the City Council meetings he was supposed to attend in the year that ended June 30, the worst attendance record on the Council.
The latest charges were the result of a joint probe by the AG and the state Controller’s office.
Controller Thomas DiNapoli said Wills’ “alleged actions reveal a disdain for honest disclosure.”
Wills, 46, was arraigned Tuesday morning in Manhattan Supreme Court and pleaded not guilty. Justice Laura Ward released him without bail.
Wills’ lawyer, Randall Unger, said they’ll fight the charges - as soon as they figure out what exactly it is his client allegedly did.
“I don’t know what is is they’re accusing Mr. Wills of doing,” Unger said. "We just got the indictment — that doesn’t tell us very much. We’ll be filing motions for discovery so we can find out what it is they’re actually accusing him of.”

Ruben Wills

Queens councilman implicated by pal in pass-through scheme

A pal of Councilman Ruben Wills implicated the Queens politician in court Thursday in a scheme to steal thousands of taxpayer dollars by ordering him to deposit and withdraw funds from a sham company.
Jelani Mills fingered Wills for the corruption after pleading guilty to one misdemeanor count of falsifying business records in a case brought by state Attorney General Eric Schneiderman.
Ruben Wills
The damning plea statement against Wills capped a bizarre three days that initially centered on Mills’ mysterious whereabouts.
On Tuesday, Mills was expected to enter a plea and turn on Wills but he bolted court after noon — leaving his lawyer in the lurch and Judge Barry Kron fuming.
A bench warrant was issued for Mills and he showed up in court on Wednesday and was ordered held when the judge did not buy his explanation that he left because his 9-year-old daughter had got sick at school.
On Thursday, Mills said it was Wills who urged him to set up a fictitious language translation company called Micro Targeting in a pass-through scheme to steal funds from Wills’ 2009 council campaign committee.
Mills said he filed the paperwork to incorporate Micro Targeting using a false address. He was the sole proprietor.
“At the direction of Mr. Wills, I deposited a check in the amount of $11,500 in that account, which was drawn on an account named, `Ruben Wills for New York.’ This $11,500 was not the result of money earned by Micro Targeting,” Mills, 29, said.
“I do not speak Spanish and I have never translated any campaign literature or any other documents for Micro Targeting or for Ruben Wills or his campaign committee. I have never submitted an invoice for such services to Ruben Wills or his campaign committee,” Mills said.
In November 2009, he said, Wills directed him to withdraw $2,500 from the Micro Targeting account.
“Mr. Wills directed me to give that cash to him, which I did,” Mills said.
Later, Mills said he withdrew $2,000 from the bogus firm for his own “personal use.” But the councilman objected, he said.
“Upon learning of that $2,000 withdrawal, Mr. Wills told me that the money in the Micro Targeting Chase account did not belong to me, and that I need to return $2,000 that I had withdrawn,” he said.
Wills’ attorney Steve Zissou dismissed Mills’ statement as a desperate “lie.”
“It’s not a surprise that someone in jail would lie to get out of jail,” he said. “Some people will say anything to get out of jail — Jelani included,” Zissou said.
The duo was accused of scamming the city Campaign Finance Board by accepting public matching funds to pay Micro Targeting for helping with Wills’ failed 2009 City Council bid.
The indictment also alleged that Wills stole more than $30,000 in state grants sent to a nonprofit he founded New York 4 Life. He is charged with using the tainted cash for a shameless shopping spree where he purchase items at Macy’s, Nordstrom’s and Century 21 — including a $750 Louis Vuitton handbag.
As part of the plea settlement, Schneiderman’s office is recommending that Mills be sentenced to one year’s probation and perform 10 days of community service.
Note from Betsy:
Rushell White has been seen carrying a Louis Vuitton handbag, but she has told no one where she got it. Everyone is wondering....

Betsy Combier

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