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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Email to PEP Concerning Meeting February 28, 2018: Do Not Close PS/MS 42 in Queens,,,,,,,,,,,
Betsy Combier <>,,
LeRoy Barr <
TO: PEP Members 
RE: Vote on the Closing of PS/MS 42

Hello to all members.
I am a parent advocate and I support the parents, students, Queens Borough President Melinda Katz, the NAACP, and teachers/staff at PS/MS 42 in demanding that you individually and collectively not vote to close PS/MS 42 at the PEP meeting tonight.

I have referred a lawyer to the friends and supporters at 42, and he is ready to pursue whatever action is needed to stop the damage that will ensue as a result of a vote to close PS/MS 42.

Please see my posts below.


Betsy Combier
Parents, Staff, and the Queens Community Rally Against the Arbitrary Decision By the NYC Department of Education To Close PS/MS 42

The District 27 Queens community as well as the staff, parents and students of PS/MS 42 are outraged that the NYC Department of Education will close PS/MS 42 in June 2018 without a valid reason. The trouble is that in NYC decisions are made in secret as part of a political pay-to-play scheme for which Mayor Bill de Blasio and Chancellor Carmen Farina are famous. This closure is clearly directed at displacing a powerful group of UFT members at PS/MS 42 who will, in September, be placed into positions as substitute staff nomads, roaming different assignments in Queens as Absent Teacher Reservists (ATRs). Bill and Carmen, STOP the vote!!! Protest by Editor Betsy Combier 

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